Mark W. – Good 2 Go [Track Review]

You know those nights back in 2019 where you’d be cruising around town right after sundown with your friends, just vibing out and having no worries? Good 2 Go by Mark W. would be the song playing in the background. This smooth track by the Inglewood artist is a smooth banger that is perfect for anyone on aux.

Reminiscent of the 2019 summer smash hit “No Guidance” by Chris Brown and Drake, “Good 2 Go” features a complementary relationship between rapping and singing.

This song can fit whatever vibe you’re feeling in that moment. Just got a haircut and feeling confident? “Good 2 Go.” Driving with a date in your passenger seat? “Good 2 Go.” Doing work? “Good 2 Go” will get you in the zone.

Lyrically the song, released Feb. 23, 2024, describes that feeling you get when you and that special someone are synchronized on every level. On a deeper level this song represents the ride or die mentality that it takes to be in an amazing relationship. Mark W. describes on an Instagram post:

“You ever meet someone who can match your energy at every level? Do you remember how it felt the first time you realized you finally found yourself a real one? If this describes you then this song belongs in your playlist!”

That’s exactly how this song makes you feel.

On the production side, with Drummer Beezy “laying down the foundation” according to Mark W., the beat ebbs and flows with the artist.’s vocal inflections, like a slow, wavy sidekick to his wordplay. My favorite part is when he says:

“Flash on sight minus the paparazzi cameras,” and the shutter of cameras can be heard in the background. That detail-oriented approach makes this song shine like other heavy hitters in the R&B/Hip-Hop genre.

It’s safe to say that if Mark W can get into this pocket with more songs to come, he has a bright future ahead.


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