Ray Champion - Bet [Live Session]

Ray Champion is a Filipino-American Hip-Hop artist based in Los Angeles, California. He's known for his hard and aggressive style.

Larrenwong - These Days [Live Session]

New Live Sessions with emerging R&B artist Larrenwong. 

New Live Session featuring Ayotemi

Performing his original track "Peon" is Ayotemi, a Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, R&B, Soul Artist coining a style he calls Indigo Rap. 


DougieTheDon, a rapper from Los Angeles by way of Las Vegas, is one of those artists that create music with a sense of honesty through storytelling.

SNT JMS - Stunt Double & Long Way (Live Sessions)

Artist Select, SNT JMS, performs his hits "Stunt Double" & "Long Way" on Traklife Live Sessions.  See why he's our current Artist Select winner.

GROUNDED - A St.Patrick's Day Playlist

Here's a "Green" Playlist for your St. Patrick's Day curated by Kiyanna Johnson

Inspecta Jones - Cover Over & BB2 Intro [Live Session]

Inspecta Jones came out to visit us in L.A. and dropped a live session that was near flawless. On top of being a humble and down to earth dude, Inspecta Jones is definitely a talent to watch out for this year.

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