Kirsten Collins - Take It All [Live Session]

Pop Artist, Kirsten Collins, brings pure energy to an original track produced by producer Kairo on a new live session. 

Inspecta Jones - Cover Over & BB2 Intro [Live Session]

Inspecta Jones came out to visit us in L.A. and dropped a live session that was near flawless. On top of being a humble and down to earth dude, Inspecta Jones is definitely a talent to watch out for this year.

Who Is SUNNY.?

SUNNY. are an Australian singer-songwriter duo. Having written songs together for years, they recently decided to step behind the mic and release their own music. 

P-Lo talks new album, filipino culture, & self confidence

Bay Area Hip-Hop Artist, P-Lo talks to Jen about his album "Stunna" and more...

Lauren And Dre - Protect My Peace [Live Session]

A Pop Vocalist and a Hip-Hop Lyricist out of St. Louis, MO by the name of Lauren & Dre  perform an original hit in this Live Session.

Dare House - Human Nature (Live)

Rising artist and musician, Dare House, jams out to an original hit, "Human Nature." (Watch til' the end for a freestyle jam sesh!)

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