Knowa Lazarus, Flava Matikz, Dank Puffs, Q-York – “Hope For Me” [Track Review]

“Hope For Me” is the latest track from Knowa Lazarus and Flava Matikz (who make up the Filipino-American production duo, Q-York) alongside the rapper, Dank Puffs. The New York-based duo have crafted a song that stays true to their mission of creating music that uplifts and provides a sense of self-empowerment to its listeners. 

Lyrically, the song touches on themes of keeping it real and pushing forward. Knowa Lazarus raps about staying positive despite setbacks. On the hook, he sings “I am the darkness/you are the light” and “with you, there’s hope for me.” It’s a reminder that whatever journey you face, you don’t need to take it alone. Sometimes you need someone else there with you to keep pushing onwards. 

Dank Puffs’ verse provides some humorous flourishes that can make anyone who listens smile. For example, his double entendre concerning an old Nintendo cartridge seems outrageous, but you can’t help but laugh at the brilliance of it. Yet, Puffs really reaches his stride in the second half of his verse as his words rattle and roll with the groove creating a truly infectious moment. 

Under all of this, you hear Flava Matikz’s fresh beat skittering and bouncing like energetic city streets. It feels lightweight and has a warm vibe to it that enhances the message of hopefulness. This provides the “light” Knowa sings about that helps to make the track shine. 

So, whenever you feel the darkness, listen to “Hope For Me.” The positive vibes are contagious. Q-York and Dank Puffs want to remind us that we are not alone on our journeys and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel–no matter how dark it gets. 


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