How To Become A Master Performer – Episode 1 – Artistry Ascending

How To Become A Master Performer – Episode 1 – Artistry Ascending

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Welcome to Episode 1 of our series, ‘The Art of Performance,’ featuring Mark W. Dive into the evolution of the stage as we trace the transformative changes in live performance styles and technologies. Discover the art of audience interaction and how performers have crafted engaging live experiences across different eras. Plus, explore the shift to virtual performances, adapting to digital platforms and connecting with remote audiences. Join us for a journey through the dynamic world of performance art!


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Shot & Directed by: Mark W. ▶

Assisted by: Uprise Imaging ▶

Produced by: Cubby Golden ▶

Assistant Producer: Ervin Cordero ▶


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The Meticulously Multitalented Mark W. (Inglewood, Ca) doesn't come by that name lightly! Not only is he talented in front of the microphone (with song writing, music arrangements, and performing) he is also a talented audio engineer, videographer, and graphic designer! Mark W. blends his laid back style of witty wordplay and smooth melodic delivery to create a vibe that one Mark W. can deliver.
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