Lisah Monah & Kid Cool – Who I Am (Track Review)

Lisah Monah with another quality DIY track in “Who I Am” where not only is she performing the song, but is also responsible for the writing and production of it. This particular one is extra special because of a guest feature which is none other than her oldest son “Kid Cool” laying down bars on the 2nd verse. This is his musical debut at only 10 years old. Although it’s still early in Kid Cool’s music career, with Lisah Monah as his foundation, we know one thing’s for sure, the music is in good hands.

“Who I Am” is the perfect track to introduce Kid Cool to the world because it has that modern yet classic Hip-Hop “Come-At-Me” vibe letting the world know that Lisah Monah and Kid Cool have planted their flag and are here to stay. Lisah went crazy on the production on a beat reminiscent of the prime era of 50 Cent and G-Unit. This mother-son collaboration is the first ever in Hip-Hop (at least to my knowledge) making it a historical moment in music. Check out the track and decide if it’s worthy of a spot in your Hip-Hop music rotation and playlists.


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Lisah Monah

Formerly known as Blaqiysss (pronounced black ice), Lisah Monah is an artist, songwriter, and producer from the Inland Empire (native to South Central Los Angeles). Lisah is one of the most lyrically and sonically golden artists of today's hip-hop/rap era. Lisah has always been a songwriter but as of 2019, she began producing all of her music. Not only does she produce herself but for other artists of various genres. Lisah also offers songwriting services, which she has made available with her beats, on her website. Production has allowed her to venture out to other areas of the business, leading her to licensing. Now her music can be heard on NBC, ABC, and Nickelodeon, and it's just the beginning. Lisah credits her influence to artists from the 90's, noting the importance of lyrical content. She also admires , , , , ,  and  (just to name a few). Performing since the age of 8, Lisah has perfected a well-crafted stage presence, and delivery. Often described as feminine with an edge, and a crowd favorite. To purchase beats, merch, or listen to music from the start of her career, please visit her website
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