Alfred Nomad: “Keep it Down” [featuring LMNOP] – Song Review

Alfred Nomad is one to always keep it real with his music. With his vulnerability in his song “Suffer in Silence,” to the hip-hop and jazz influenced “Barcode” featuring Elle Baez, “Keep It Down” is no different. As the song progresses with infectious drums and heavy bass as Nomad raps “Results speak louder, I think you should keep it down,” it flows effortlessly with Nomad’s lyricism.

While the genre is much different for the rapper compared to his previously released work, Nomad continues to keep it real with “Keep It Down.” It is a catchy, fun tune that makes it easy for everyone to tell haters to “keep it down.” It is a reassurance that people should surround themselves with people who support one another.


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Alfred Nomad

Alfred Nomad is an artist, emcee and organizer creating his own path. Originally a poet from Indianapolis, Indiana Alfred fell in love with using his music as a vehicle to create change for marginalized communities.   He's now pushing to build unity and perseverance amongst the creative community with a new project called Keep Moving Forward. With his thoughtful life driven subject matter, and musically modern sound that tends to blend Hip Hop, Jazz, eclectic samples and an alternative influence he lets his art speak to the lives of his listeners.
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