Artistry Ascending Podcast Episode 7 | The Evolution of Music Consumption

Artistry Ascending Podcast Episode 7 | The Evolution of Music Consumption

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From Apple Juice to Digital Beats: The Evolution of Music Consumption Welcome to another episode of Artistry Ascending at Traklife! I’m Mark W, your guide through the maze of the music industry’s digital transformation. Today, we’re exploring how our music habits have shifted from physical CDs to streaming giants and social media platforms, and what that means for artists today.

👉 What’s Inside:
* The Journey from CDs to Streaming: How platforms like Napster, LimeWire, and Spotify revolutionized music consumption.
* Social Media’s Role: From MySpace playlists to TikTok trends, see how social media shapes what we listen to.
* The Evolution of Distribution: Learn how the transition from hand-distributing CDs at 2 a.m. to uploading tracks on DistroKid impacts artists.
* The Money Talk: Dive into the crucial discussion on fair compensation in the streaming era vs. physical sales.
* Royalties 101: A breakdown of performance vs. mechanical royalties and how they affect you.

🤔💬 Join the Conversation: How has the way you consume music changed over the years, and where do you see it going? Share your journey and thoughts in the comments below. Let’s navigate the noisy playground of today’s music industry together, ensuring we stay true to our art while navigating the complexities of getting heard and getting paid.

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