Lisah Monah: “Liberated” [ft. Stewp KiDD, Deltron Blac, and Alfred Nomad] | Song Review

Lisah Monah is warning everybody to get out of her way on her latest single, the cooly confident “Liberated” featuring Stewp KiDD, Deltron Blac, and Alfred Nomad. 

Produced and written by the Los Angeles artist herself, “Liberated” is a testament to trusting your instincts and following your own path. Lisah raps about staying true to herself and not caving in to what is expected from her in the industry. She’s standing her ground by operating on her own terms. 

In her verse, Lisah Monah raps about saying “no” to the things she does not want to do as an artist. Like saying “no” to sexualizing herself in order to become more famous. Rather than be someone she is not, Monah prefers to stay authentic to herself. She’s liberated and empowered by this, and you can feel that confidence through her performance. 

The track sounds like cracking open the window on a long car ride: the fresh breeze and the cool beat rejuvenates you. Each artist takes their turn over the woozy, sonar-esque beat that is minimal yet so enticing. They each take you through their respective stories of working within the industry and staying true to themselves.

“Got damn I feel liberated” is repeated throughout the track and gains more power each time you hear it. It’s like a self-reminder of the work put in and of the journey thus far. It gets in your head and you sing along with it, too. It’s infectious. You can’t help but feel your own confidence grow the more you listen.  

“Liberated” is the type of song you put on to remind yourself of your own power and resilience whenever you’re feeling down. Lisah Monah is here to tell us of the freedom that comes with trusting and believing in your own craft and following your own path. After all, what’s more freeing than knowing the only person you need to impress is yourself?


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Alfred Nomad

Alfred Nomad is an artist, emcee and organizer creating his own path. Originally a poet from Indianapolis, Indiana Alfred fell in love with using his music as a vehicle to create change for marginalized communities.   He's now pushing to build unity and perseverance amongst the creative community with a new project called Keep Moving Forward. With his thoughtful life driven subject matter, and musically modern sound that tends to blend Hip Hop, Jazz, eclectic samples and an alternative influence he lets his art speak to the lives of his listeners.
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Lisah Monah

Formerly known as Blaqiysss (pronounced black ice), Lisah Monah is an artist, songwriter, and producer from the Inland Empire (native to South Central Los Angeles). Lisah is one of the most lyrically and sonically golden artists of today's hip-hop/rap era. Lisah has always been a songwriter but as of 2019, she began producing all of her music. Not only does she produce herself but for other artists of various genres. Lisah also offers songwriting services, which she has made available with her beats, on her website. Production has allowed her to venture out to other areas of the business, leading her to licensing. Now her music can be heard on NBC, ABC, and Nickelodeon, and it's just the beginning. Lisah credits her influence to artists from the 90's, noting the importance of lyrical content. She also admires , , , , ,  and  (just to name a few). Performing since the age of 8, Lisah has perfected a well-crafted stage presence, and delivery. Often described as feminine with an edge, and a crowd favorite. To purchase beats, merch, or listen to music from the start of her career, please visit her website
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