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Hey guys!  While traveling the country and taking long drives between destinations, I find myself constantly looking for the perfect music. It’s super easy to wear out your usual playlists and even harder to sift through all the new music out there. As November ends, I wanted to share my favorite album of the month. Out of all the new albums I’ve listened to this month my favorite is JAMS. A funk, R&B, dance album by Jay Diggs, a young musician inspired by 80s R&B and old funk records.  


I first heard a track from the up-and-coming musician through an Instagram post last year. In the summer of 2020, Diggs released a very unique remix to the wildly popular song, “WAP” by Cardi B that earned him much deserved attention. In my opinion, his version blows away the original (a controversial opinion, I know). His funk-inspired beats paired with a smooth voice and 80’s keys put a retro twist on the hit song creating something that sounds new but also has the charm of classic oldies. As a huge fan of 70’s and 80’s music, I was hooked immediately and could not believe how effortlessly he could mix the old with the new.


Since the release of the iconic remix, Diggs has put out several other tracks which include both originals and covers of popular songs such as “Popstar” by Drake. It wasn’t until this November that Diggs finally released his highly anticipated debut album, JAMS. Although the wait was long, this appropriately titled album was definitely worth it.


The album came out the day of a big road trip my husband and I took from Chicago to Albuquerque so we had time to listen and take it all in. From start to finish, the album is a love letter to old slow jams and R&B. All of his dance-inducing songs are so identifiable to his brand of funk and tie the album together effortlessly. You can hear the musical influences the artist is inspired by, but not so much that it’s overpowering. An album dedicated to love, dancing, and money, so drenched in 80’s sound you think it’s coming out of a boombox.  


The album had a good range of sound and emotion, giving you a little bit of everything. Every song made me want to pull over to the side of the road and dance like I was partying in 1980. JAMS starts off strong with an unmistakable retro sound that sets the tone for what’s to come. Tracks “Something Bout The Night” and “Where’s My Money,” in my opinion are the peak tracks that really get into the sound that makes Jay Diggs. The songs are fun and funky and sound like they could blend into a Prince album. My favorite off the album, “Something Bout The Night,” is one of those instant hits that I could see climbing the charts if given the right exposure. It has great rhythm, a catchy hook and reminded me of the classic song, “Rock with You” by the king of Pop, Michael Jackson. A great addition to the album and a bit unexpected is the song “I Do,” a slow love song and a true tribute to the classic R&B legends who came before us. It was a great way to add depth to the album and switch it up between the party songs. To sum it up, JAMS is modern music with a vintage twist that creates a unique musical experience.


If you’re looking for a new artist for your rotation, put Jay Diggs on your radar. This album has a bit of everything from slow jams to dance funk. A  great listen that had me dancing on the 19 hour drive to New Mexico. That wraps it up for November, but I want to know what your top album of the month was. Drop us the name of an album to check out. Until next time!


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