Who is Ruepratt? [Artist Interview]

Ruepratt is an R&B/neo-soul artist from Prince George’s (PG) County Maryland. Growing up in PG County taught her to stay tough and work harder than everyone else. While she has her main styles, her roots and inspirations come from many different places, showing off her soul in her songs. Ruepratt released her album ‘Fire On A Wave’ in 2018, while releasing many singles since, including her most streamed song on Spotify, (and my personal favorite), ‘Chocolate’. Check out my interview with Ruepratt below.

How would you describe your style of music?

“My music style is R&B/neo-soul, influenced by many genres. It’s like my roots are oldies but goodies, and it shows in my voice, but really, my soul is talking. Mixing Badu, Sade, and Lauryn is the easiest comparison, and there’s me. It’s a vibe you can play anywhere.”

Where are you from and how does that impact your style?

“I’m from Maryland, PG County, in the building! It influences my style in different ways, like my nature of being blunt and straight to the point. You can hear I don’t beat around the bush in my music. Growing up in Maryland, you must have tough skin, and being cool and fashionable matters. Everybody’s talented and everybody wants to be different. So, for me, growing up there promoted individuality and creativity, pushing me to have my voice.”

What brings you inspiration for your songs?

“My inspiration comes from within, my situations, what I would do or say in situations, my emotions, and just the fact that I can help someone. It’s a way to speak to someone in a way they can hear and feel you, without even knowing you.”

What does the cover art for ‘Fire on a Wave’ represent?

“The cover art for ‘Fire on a Wave’ represents how, through my music, water and fire can coexist. Diving even deeper, the fire and water represent moods, feelings, and energy. Hot and cold exist together. I can raise your temperature or cool you off. Which one would you want?”

What do you envision your work to be in the future?

“I envision my work to be what it is now, but even bigger and better. It is an amazing big space of love and comfort. No judgment and no hiding how you feel. I want everyone to turn my music up, sing as loud as they can, and not be afraid to sing along and dance. Whether it’s slow or fast, I predict my energy will spread to a vaster audience and I’ll be received with open arms. A place where men and women come to the stage and sing with me.”

What has been your personal favorite track you’ve created so far and why?

“Honestly, my favorite always changes. I have so much music, it’s hard to have one favorite. In my mind, I have a group of favorites that interchange with my moods. But everyone loves ‘Chocolate.’ It’s a record you can play anywhere—from a poetry night to arenas, to a kid’s party and birthday celebrations. It’s like an automatic hit! Go stream that, everyone, and DM me your favorite song!”


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Ruepratt is an American recording artist, songwriter & music producer born and raised in Prince George's County, Maryland. After a highly successful east coast campaign run for "Est. 1994", Ruepratt has relocated to Los Angeles for stage two of her music career. Within months, Ruepratt earned an opportunity to become a resident artist for Unplugged Sessions: LA, a premier music showcase featuring live performances from emerging and established talent while consistently performing at local LA gigs and network with industry tastemakers. Ruepratt is currently building her musical catalog while working with Grammy Award Winning producers @myguymars & @Rance1500 of 1500 or Nothin' as well as T.I.'s official DJ @DJMLK.
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