Dreamer Boy Brings Summer Heat to the Troubadour

On June 27th, Dreamer Boy made the final stop of his Summer in America Tour at the historic Troubadour in Hollywood in support of his latest record, LONESTAR

Stepping in from the heat and into the Troubadour was like instantly transporting into a space from a different era. The famed club’s history lined the walls in the form of photos and plaques commemorating the presence of musical icons. Already, the venue’s aura was shaping what was to come upon the stage. Even more so, there was this feeling as if you were here for a summertime backyard barbecue (the stage had a cooler and a BBQ that also contained musical gear within it). As the pre-show playlist blasted ’80s hair bands, the stage was set and someone came on stage to declare: “Welcome to the rodeo!”

Suddenly, Dreamer Boy burst right onto the stage, full rodeo clown makeup sprawled upon his face and cowboy hat sitting on his head. He and the band ripped right into the electrifying one-two punch of “Summer in America” and “Heartbreaker”—songs that sounded edgier and raw here within the walls of the Troubadour. The energy was set: Dreamer Boy was a live wire whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Zach, the man behind the Dreamer Boy persona, held the entirety of the club in his hand as he moved around the stage with Jagger-like ferocity and Iggy Pop levels of intensity.

Yet, Zach’s honey-sweet vocal performance was the true star of the show as it shifted across multitudes of musical styles: some songs had more hip-hop inflected vocals (“Crybaby,” “Orange Girl”) and others showcased his lovely crooning vocals (“HUES,” “Don’t Be A Fool”). The music was an eclectic mix of rock, R&B, Americana, and indie pop—all of which felt hopped up with adrenaline. Despite the variety of styles, it all seemed true to the Dreamer Boy persona and meshed well together, like the perfect summertime playlist.

The Lone Stars, Dreamer Boy’s backing band, played with tight musicianship and, often, they delved into spectacular musical showcases as extended outros for multiple songs. On “You’re Not In Love,” the band provided an epic soundscape to accentuate the song’s heartland pop-rock filled with shuffling beats and smooth guitar solos. 

Dreamer Boy and the Lone Stars mesmerized the audience. Together, the band had the crowd jumping up and down during boisterous songs like “Heartbreaker.” The audience’s energy never let up. Everyone danced throughout the dance: whether it was going hard like the man standing next to me, or simply swooning during slower songs. Even people who didn’t really know any Dreamer Boy songs were feeling the groove and chanting along to songs like “Puppy Dog.”

After an expansive version of “Harmony,” the band walked off; yet, this being their final show, it wasn’t quite over yet. They came back for a celebratory encore and played a cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” Zach and the band were joined onstage by Harriette, the opening band, as the crowd screamed along to the 2010s classic. With the mirrorball spinning around and everyone singing their hearts out, it was truly a moment I will never forget. This was the perfect note to end, not only the show, but the entire tour.

This was a performance that made you feel Zach and his band were pouring every ounce of their energy into the music. It was a show worthy of the Troubadour–a space steeped within the rich history of rock music. This was a rodeo filled to the brim with emotions and immaculate vibes. If you don’t know who Dreamer Boy is—you’re sure to soon find out. 


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