Hey Guys! It’s me… Ronnie Boy! | EP 2

Hey Guys! It’s me… Ronnie Boy! | EP 2

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Hey Shorties!

In this episode, we have a chat with Ronnie Boy Kids!!! We talk about his passion and appreciation for music, his start in the music industry, as well as his journey in making music for kids!

As one of the few Asian-American artists in the children’s music industry scene, Ronnie Boy Kids “strives to inspire and positively impact people of color in his community.” Get to know the artist behind the hit song Burger and his recently released Sophomore album ‘Big Kid Now.’

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RONNIE BOY KIDS puts a fresh spin on children’s music spanning multiple genres & creating what both children & adults can enjoy together! Check his YouTube @RonnieBoyKids!   Ron Nery Jr (aka 'RONNIE BOY') is a Filipino-American artist from Southern California. Since childhood, he's always had a knack for being the life of family parties where he'd play the piano, dance, and karaoke (in true Filipino fashion🇵🇭).   Following the success of his debut album It's Me, Ronnie Boy! in 2022, BIG Kid Now, produced by Marc Lawrence, Nate Evans, and Jujuan Gailey, known for their contributions to 'Baywatch' and Disney's Noelle, offers a mix of playful tracks like Burger and Ishkabibble alongside a more mature sound. It dives into important themes such as bullying, shyness, and special education (IEP’s), demonstrating Ronnie Boy's musical growth. A unique Asian-American figure in children's music, Ronnie Boy strives to inspire and positively impact people of color in his community. He actively volunteers at the local library, reading to children, and participates in the city's Adaptive Program, offering recreational activities for teens and adults with developmental disabilities.
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