New Connie Roses Single: Reflections on “The City”

Eclectic, risky, and genre-bending are words that come to mind after my first listen of Connie Roses’ new single. At midnight on July 15, the Pittsburgh-based hip hop artist dropped “The City,” which he views as “a frustrating manifesto directed at Pittsburgh.” The track is a fiery mixture of rap, hip hop, and punk elements that exude in-your-face energy.


Roses draws inspiration from the humorous, yet emotionally complex work of artists like JPEGMAFIA and Zelooperz, and “The City” especially is reminiscent of BROCKHAMPTON’s homemade sound. The song will likely appeal to both listeners of hip hop and punk music, audiences that have heavily influenced “The City” producer Huge Palmer. As a songwriter, Roses will explore anything from social media addiction and political corruption to the self-doubt and deprecation that come with being a musician, masterfully pairing inventive sounds with lyrical depth.

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It’s been quite the year for Connie Roses. Diving headfirst into the music scene in Pittsburgh has undoubtedly taught him a lot about performing, his own artistry, and the industry itself. He’s experienced firsthand the difficulties of being an independent, DIY artist. With social media and the Internet constantly reshaping how the music industry functions, it can be hard to separate oneself as truly unique and exceptional in comparison to other indie artists. It’s also frustrating to deal with the pettiness of artists’ egos or denial of payment from venues, to gain respect in such a competitive field in which everyone is looking out for themselves.


But Connie Roses takes it all in stride and remains true to his influences and musical convictions. With authenticity, passionate angst, and colorful musicality, he continues to tell his stories and make a name for himself.

Stay connected to Connie Roses and his musical journey on InstagramTwitterSpotify, and Apple Music.


Listen below to “The City” by Connie Roses.



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