Alfred Nomad – Already Cold [Live Session]

Alfred Nomad – Already Cold [Live Session]

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Jazz, Soul, and Hip-Hop is a combination of genres you don’t hear too often these days which is why we’re thankful for artists like Alfred Nomad. A soul/conscious rapper from Indianapolis, Indiana came through to the Live Sessions stage to perform a combination of his tracks “Already Cold” and “Glow.” If strong lyrical content is your jam, then this is the artist you’ve been waiting for. Through his every word, you not only hear but you feel Alfred Nomad’s message as he poetically raps to inspire, motivate, and build awareness of the world we live in. With a jazzy yet underground sound, Alfred Nomad’s music appeals to mass audiences from all walks life. Check out Alfred Nomad on all streaming platforms and follow him on all his social channels and prepare to be enlightened.

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Alfred Nomad

Alfred Nomad is an artist, emcee and organizer creating his own path. Originally a poet from Indianapolis, Indiana Alfred fell in love with using his music as a vehicle to create change for marginalized communities.   He's now pushing to build unity and perseverance amongst the creative community with a new project called Keep Moving Forward. With his thoughtful life driven subject matter, and musically modern sound that tends to blend Hip Hop, Jazz, eclectic samples and an alternative influence he lets his art speak to the lives of his listeners.
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