Single Review: “Bells and Bugs” by Connie Roses

Embracing his eccentricity as effortlessly as ever, Connie Roses returned to the underground hip-hop scene with “Bells and Bugs” on September 30. Following his recent release, “The City,” the experimental Pittsburgh rapper again offers listeners an engaging, atmospheric experience with his latest single. Roses takes inspiration from other unique, out-of-the-box artists like JPEGMAFIA and Zelooperz, and his distinct style is fully realized on “Bells and Bugs.”

Connie Roses has always set himself apart as a thought-provoking artist. He often uses his music to address subject matters central to postmodern America, like corrupt politics and social media addiction. Stylistically reminiscent of Tyler the Creator’s Flower Boy album, “Bells and Bugs” sonically captures the inner world of Roses’ mind and perspective.

“I really went into the song with no linear idea, nothing concrete. Instead, I started writing metaphors that would co align with visions of psychosis and paranoia,” he revealed. “I think in my adult life I’ve had a huge struggle with self-appearance and self-portrayal. The idea of these beautiful and calm things juxtaposed with things like a ‘carcass on water’ or a ‘bat on the stove’ was intriguing to me and I think I just wanted to meld an atmosphere lyrically in the end.”

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The track finds Roses shining lyrically with emotive, memorable lines and infectious vocal inflections. His rapping is highly expressive, fiercely spitting out the lyrics of his verses over the shuffling hip-hop beat.

“It’s got some of my weirdest inflections,” Roses said. “Plus, the switch up on the beat from harsh to soft, and Royal Haunts’ really smooth and delicate vocal lines just make this track stand out from the less glossy and polished tracks I tend to release.”

Next up for Connie Roses is a January 7th gig at Club Café in Pittsburgh alongside fellow local artist Drewzio. He’s also working on a super-personal concept album centered around family and a childhood exposed to poverty and drugs. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting project!

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Listen below to “Bells and Bugs.”


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