Gen Bello Drops “So Good”


Gen Bello’s artistry is explicit, both in content and its target. For the Harlem singer, doubt is not allowed in her presence. After gaining placements on Fresh Finds for a soulful dedication to her mother on “Dear Mom” or the bluntness she relays to her fling on “Friends,” her forthright communication style leaves no room for what creates her angst or supplies her pleasure. Yet she’s exceptional in the art of seduction, highlighted by a sensual voice that captures warmth, sultry sensation of temperature play. Her latest single, “So Good” takes her candor and puts it up against the power of lust.



“I am not the one to be played/Fucking you has been my mistake.” so much frustration, yet she chastises herself for allowing it to get this far. A subtle guitar lead ensnares the listener before Gen lilts over an array of drums that loop around her voice, signifying that she’s trapped in this cycle of lust. Gen can’t escape their grasp despite her attempts to conceptualize the relationship. At this moment, she is touch-deprived, frustrated for allowing her partner’s actions to seize her hands from roving on their skin. All she wants is their love, no matter the emotional cost.


As the song continues, you can hear her sense of accountability succumbing to her desires. “You got me wide open/you own me” is powerful, yet said in a subdued nature as if she’s remorseful. A testament to how irresistible lust becomes once you get a taste, Gen captures that emotion effectively. Listen to Gen’s latest record below and tell us what you think.



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