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Past, Present and Future. Dive into Black Month and explore the wonders of African American culture in Hip-hop , RnB and Pop. Enjoy artist like Biz Markie, Prince and Lauryn Hill

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Alfred Nomad

Alfred Nomad is an artist, emcee and organizer creating his own path. Originally a poet from Indianapolis, Indiana Alfred fell in love with using his music as a vehicle to create change for marginalized communities.   He's now pushing to build unity and perseverance amongst the creative community with a new project called Keep Moving Forward. With his thoughtful life driven subject matter, and musically modern sound that tends to blend Hip Hop, Jazz, eclectic samples and an alternative influence he lets his art speak to the lives of his listeners.
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Lisah Monah

Formerly known as Blaqiysss (pronounced black ice), Lisah Monah is an artist, songwriter, and producer from the Inland Empire (native to South Central Los Angeles). Lisah is one of the most lyrically and sonically golden artists of today's hip-hop/rap era. Lisah has always been a songwriter but as of 2019, she began producing all of her music. Not only does she produce herself but for other artists of various genres. Lisah also offers songwriting services, which she has made available with her beats, on her website. Production has allowed her to venture out to other areas of the business, leading her to licensing. Now her music can be heard on NBC, ABC, and Nickelodeon, and it's just the beginning. Lisah credits her influence to artists from the 90's, noting the importance of lyrical content. She also admires , , , , ,  and  (just to name a few). Performing since the age of 8, Lisah has perfected a well-crafted stage presence, and delivery. Often described as feminine with an edge, and a crowd favorite. To purchase beats, merch, or listen to music from the start of her career, please visit her website
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Showcasing his pen on joints like “I’m Up”, “Summer in The Winter”, and “Post To Be”. LongLiveCzar has since gone on to co-write both “Word for Word” and “Nudes”, two singles off of Omarion’s upcoming Album entitled “Reasons” As well as 3 more records off of the "Kinection" album which include' "In it", I Aint Even Done" and the single "Mutual" ft. Wale. 
Verbal flexibility and witty wordplay are just two of his many components that have allowed LongLiveCzar to gain notoriety within in the music realm. From catchy hooks like “Okay Ok” to solid verses on #CP4’s “Flight” and “Soul” LongLiveCzar has flexed his dexterity showing that he is definitely one to be on the lookout for.  
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The Meticulous

How are....YOUUUUU?! I am Mark W. I rap, I'm an on screen personality, a host, I'm a sound engineer (record mix and master), and I shot videos from time to time. I'm a jack of all trades as most artists in this day and era have to be. I'm a advocate for artists, in a sense, where I want artists to be more equipped to handle the lifestyle that they have chosen to dive into. So, you will see me speaking about things that artists need to be aware of, look out for, and be ready to attack in the life stand of their career. This is not to say that I know it all because I am still learning everyday!
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SNT JMS born and raised in southern California’s inland empire. Pomona, Ontario, LA and OC have all been home and have all influenced the style of this incredibly energetic MC. 
 SNT JMS started writing songs and making music around 19 years old, from every genre including rock, reggae, and of course, hiphop. 
 Today SNT JMS, or "Jimmy" as he tells it, uses his art to broaden the narrative of the culture by telling his own authentic story in his own way with rebellious self determination and clever creativity as the driving forces. The sound you hear in SNT JMS music is reminiscent of Tyler the Creator, Kendrick, and Anderson Paak and his work with grammy award winning engineer David “Yungin” Kim (Hitboy, Nas, Kendrick Lamar) allows for that massive personality to find harmony with the aggressive and melodic themes. 
 Claiming the stage as his “home,” means the House of Blues, sunset strip or Costa Mesa dives are no stranger to Jimmy. He sets an intention every time he touches the stage, “it has to be powerful. It has to connect.” 
 In 2020 the world got its first taste of SNT JMS with the lead track “SAVAGES” and since has collectively broken over a million streams with much more in store for ‘22. 
 Eyes and ears up… this guy is next!
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