Who Is Yacobucci [Artist Interview]

An Alt-Pop & Hip-Hop artist by name of Yacobucci has grown rapidly as a musician in recent years since we first met him a few years back. Yacobucci is an artist that’s truly about his craft and lives for music day in and day out. He moved to L.A. from his hometown of Akron, Ohio to pursue music and has been on his grind 24/7 ever since. Now he’s headlining shows across the L.A. area in iconic venues like The Viper Room, The Federal Bar, and The Virgil. Catch our conversation below to learn more from the man himself:

Love the name “Yacobucci”. Where’d it come from? Or What does it mean?

“Yacobucci” is actually my last name. A lot of people always ask me this same question because they’ve never seen anything like it. That is exactly why I chose for it to be my official artist/brand name. It represents me and who I am, but it also represents family, which is so important to me.

You’re originally from Akron, OH but now in Los Angeles pursuing music. What can you say about the difference in music scenes between the 2 cities?

Akron will always be my home but when it comes to creativity and music, we don’t have much. I have been blessed to meet many talented people around the area, but I rarely see many of them with the drive and hard work ethic it takes to turn your talent into a career. I stay so close to my friends/team out there because we all share the same mindset that nothing is impossible. We’re just some random Ohio kids chasing some pretty crazy dreams! Los Angeles, on the other hand, has an abundance of talented creatives. I think my favorite part about LA is how hungry everyone is to be successful. That drive I see in other people out here pushes me even harder to be something great. It’s easy to get lost out here but with a little bit of guidance, you’ll find your way.

Has your hometown influence your music at all? If so, in what way?

My hometown has definitely influenced my music. One of my biggest goals with music is to use my platform to inspire others and help make an impact for a greater cause. I have written many songs speaking about, or to, my hometown to try and help them understand that anything is possible if you just believe and take risks. I also didn’t have an amazing childhood mentally. Especially in high school. I never felt like I fit in, so I just put those feelings into my songs.

What has been the most rewarding moment in your career thus far?

I think the most rewarding thing I have experienced so far has to be headlining The Viper Room with my whole team from Ohio. I grew up with those boys, so to have them by my side at such a legendary venue and to see my name on that billboard…a night I’ll never forget. My mom and sister even flew out, so it was even more special.

What has been the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge doing music has to be balancing my mental health. I am almost always working at 100 mph and feel like I’m going to crash some nights. I have a constant fear of failure, so I work myself sick to be something great. Every release gets harder and harder when you don’t see much improvement in your engagement. This just causes me to go even harder, but I know it is all going to pay off. As long as I trust God and believe in myself, I’ll be just fine.

So when we discovered you, you were a Hip-Hop artist but you’ve also showcased talent in a Pop Punk sound. Which would you classify more as or are you in a lane all your own?

To be honest, I have no idea. I never get boxed into just one genre. I don’t always want to rap. I don’t always want to sing either. I just sit down and make what I feel in that specific moment. I may feel happy and want some feel good pop summer vibes or, I may feel sad and write some depressing hip-hop lyrics. I never really know which way I’m gonna go and I hope that my fans love my versatility each release.

For potential new fans, which songs of yours would you have them listen to first to hook them into your fanbase?

I would probably play “DAYLIGHT” first and then “Dreams” or “live like this”

We’re proud of the growth and hustle we’ve seen from you over the recent years. What drives that?

Honestly, it all goes back to why I started in the first place. My love for music. I don’t do this for the money or for some clout — I do this everyday because I truly love what I do. I know I can use this kind of platform to put back so much good into the world. I can’t ever give up.

We know you’re always making moves and always on the go. What can we expect in the near future from Yacobucci?

You can always be expecting some new music coming from me but I’m also in the middle of planning our first ever tour!!! Be on the lookout for more details later this year!

With a ton of new music on the way, he’s definitely an act to follow as he consistently shares his journey in music on is social channels and loves to engage with his fans. Be sure to follow him at @yacobucci_ and keep it locked here as we have more content on the way with this talented artist.

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