Who Is Alfred Nomad [Artist Interview]

Alfred Nomad is an artist we’ve loved at Traklife since we’ve discovered him a few years back in 2019. Not only is he a quality musician but an advocate of all things positive and is driven to serve the creative community and the culture of Hip-Hop. He definitely has a great story to tell from his early days as a poet to making the leap to move to Los Angeles to pursue music. It’s been a rollercoaster ride of a story that only he and his music can tell and to this day, he’s persevered and grown a lot in the process. Check out my conversation with the rising artist in our conversation below:

Tell us a little bit about Alfred Nomad. Where you’re from and how you got into music?

Alfred Nomad is an artist using music as a tool to strengthen community and the belief of self.  A lyrical poet in the style of an MC.  God’s servant giving informal sermons through verses. (I didn’t mean for that to rhyme)  The question where I’m from always has asterisks for me.  I’m originally from the east coast, but I consider myself from Indianapolis, Indiana.  I got into music through my two older cousins I looked up to, L.S. & XtraCentelle.  I wrote poetry, and they made and played music all the time.  It was very much in the early stages and raw, but from the very first time I wrote a verse to an instrumental I was hooked.  And I picked up the skills as an MC more and more over time.  I love doing it every day if I can.

Your music is heavy on providing a message. What is the primary message you try to put out in your music and art?

Do what you love to do, spread love to others, and don’t be afraid to let your light shine.  We all deserve to be able to do these things, and appreciate this gift of life we have to the fullest extent. Also to encourage connection. We’re all connected even if we don’t realize it.

Which songs of yours are the favorites and/or have been the most receptive by your audience?

Good question. These songs are like kids of mine so it’s hard to choose favorites.  I’m really excited for my upcoming EP “Keep Moving Forward”. I probably played the latest record “Every Time” the most while putting it together so I’m enjoying that the most right now.  Some songs that I know have been well received are “Suffer In Silence” for how personal and universal that message is of feeling alone, and needing to open up to someone.  “Smile Through the Pain” is another that folks really enjoy as well as “My Muse”.

Curious to know, who would be a dream collaboration for you?

An easy one would be the Soulquarians. If I could do a mixtape with them it would be insane. I’m such a big fan of the majority of the members.  Each has helped mold the type of artist I am and continuously inspires  the artist I’m working to be.

Since you’ve moved to L.A. from Indiana, has your music changed or evolved at all? If so, how?

I initially moved from Indiana to Atlanta, and spent close to a decade there. I believe being in the South brought a whole additional flavor and level of versatility to the music I make.  But after moving to LA, I honestly believe I’ve just doubled down on the type of artist I was and wish to materialize.  I’m getting better at lyricism, songwriting, vocal performance, live show performance, and world building around the music.  I’m honing in, and working to scale what I’ve already been doing.

We’re huge fans of how you’ve been such an advocate for community in the creative space. What drives that?

I’ve been a product of community my whole life. Whether it was family, church, sports teams, to rap groups and bands. It was never just about myself from a young age.  I know we are stronger, wiser, and better people when we live and work together.  Music is an amazing tool to bring people together with common interests even if from different backgrounds.  That’s a magical part of it.  I want to expand on that and bring that same kind of unity into even more spaces and parts of life.

Why is serving the mental health space important to you? And how do you plan on impacting it?

I learned first hand how important one’s mental health is, and it overflowed into the music and curation I created around it.  The more I learned about mental health, the more important I came to understand what it is.  And people from my type of background didn’t have mental health as a focus if it was acknowledged at all.  So I’m using my platform to help introduce or reinforce that conversation and what actions you can take towards it.  I’m no expert, but thankfully I’ve been guided to resources I can point others to in order to get the help they may need.

You’re really genuine to your mission and we love how you try to tackle it from multiple mediums in not just music, but in art, tech, fashion, etc. How do you emphasize one over another or does it all revolve around music? Are you planning on keeping these kinds of activations going?

Writing and music is the heartbeat of all things I create, but I view myself as an artist as a whole.  I’ll create in whatever way I can envision and actually do at any point in time.  I won’t limit myself.  I plan to keep trying new things, and expanding.  However I don’t think music is going anywhere anytime soon.

You’ve done and accomplished a lot since you’ve started to make moves in Los Angeles. How do you plan to elevate that and what’s next for you?

I want to have the opportunity to build an emotional connection with as many people as I can that are willing to listen.  I believe if I have the opportunity to do that on a larger scale I’ll be able to make even greater of a positive impact.  And I plan to secure the intention and longevity of this by creating businesses and institutions to help expand this.  I not only want to make art that helps others, but build safe spaces for others to hone their skills and share their stories to make a difference as well.   This is a much longer conversation than this interview though.  Holler at me in a few years on this same topic, and let’s keep the conversation going.

Alfred Nomad is set on a mission of positivity and service that we’re excited and willing to help grow. In terms of music, it just gets better and better and we’re here for it. If you want to keep up with Alfred, be sure to follow him on all his social channels and get involved with his mission. DM him and he’ll be sure to DM you back. If you want to tap into his music, it’s also available on all streaming channels with tons of new music on the way.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alfrednomad/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/04XDBhUPqfrvJlNtcTee5E?si=yuOwLLJSSoS-9AOJZCwToA

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