TJOnline & Grouptherapy. “Untitled” Is Cathartic

The production on TJOnline “untitled” is a mirror of his growing annoyance with the outside world. The beginning is unassuming, with iridescent chords growing in intensity after each progression and a drum pattern influencing your limbs to act as a metronome.

TJ raps, “I’m getting to age/ where everywhere you drive through reminds you of time you try to forget about,” memories becoming the latest subject to force his attention to the things he’s trying to avoid.

The once bright chords vanish, replaced by the inaudible confusion of the synths, pairing with the growing annoyance in TJ’s voice. His capacity to never let emotional distress dampen his joy is his signature. His delivery trails at the end of each line before stabilizing into a deadpan delivery as he rants on relationships “Niggas want it chemistry free just like some radicals/niggas want it chemistry free/no GMO’s,” shitty jokes that fail to change his mood.

Anti-social but filled with bedroom joy, TJ captures the introverted spirit without dwelling on his sadness. He shouts, “I don’t wanna go outside no more,” with the same vigor of a child who says “never” after a bad experience. Shit hurts, but sometimes, yelling is cathartic.

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