LOVELOVELOVE, released their debut EP, ULTRAVIOLET, on April 28, highlighting their capabilities to push genre boundaries and their emotionally complex and thoughtful songs.

LOVELOVELOVE is an Australian indie pop duo composed of members Jared Hundermark and Denis Janse. Their first two singles, “smalltowns” and “holding on,” released in early 2022, were a kickstart to the duo.

The EP begins with its namesake, “ULTRAVIOLET.” The song starts with a simple acoustic guitar line accompanied by a drum beat commonly heard in other indie pop music. The cute lyrics complement the vibey instrumentals very well, making the song a perfect one to sing while driving along the beach at night. The song has an evident influence from the 1975’s or COIN’s music.

“SWEATER” was the last single released before the EP’s release. The bass and drum rhythm immediately pull you into the song, making you want to bop your head. It immediately reminded me of a Finneas song, which just goes to show the extreme versatility LOVELOVELOVE possesses. The chorus makes “SWEATER” even more interesting because the bass and drum drive the song in the verses to fade slightly and let the vocals take over. By the second song of the project, the listeners already get a taste of the duo’s instrumental variety and simplicity combined with their deeply emotional lyrics about missing someone.

“HIGHWAY (Interlude)” is the third song on the EP and serves as a break in the center of the EP. This song is the most unique on the album because it is undecorated, with just the use of voice, an acoustic guitar and a slight synth to fill the empty space. The interlude’s most defining feature, however, is its vocal harmonies. These harmonies are present wherever singing is; however, the most interesting part of it was the occasional dissonance. It seemingly breaks up the beautifully somber traditional harmonies, once again proving that LOVELOVELOVE has more to give than what meets the ear.

“CLOVER” was the second single released from the EP. This song is one of my favorites on the EP because of the recurring 6-note vocalization that gives the song a very sentimental and nostalgic feel to it. With a drum beat commonly heard in indie pop songs, “CLOVER” may be cast aside; however, that recurring vocalization and the beautiful melody in the chorus make up for it by creating a truly beautiful song. “CLOVER” ends with a recording of a few people that seem like a father and his young child interacting. The recording at the end ties back to that melancholy and nostalgia that is depicted by just that 6-note line.

Finally, “GOOD THING” wraps up the EP. This song is the perfect ending for ULTRAVIOLET because it ties back to that original feel-good vibe in “ULTRAVIOLET,” almost like an homage to the beginning. This song about growth and hope is also one of my favorites on the EP because it ties the album and its story up with a neat bow.

Overall, ULTRAVIOLET is an extremely well-crafted EP with a simple and consistent sound that is never mundane or repetitive. It masters the art of simplicity and LOVELOVELOVE created interesting and emotionally complex songs without the need for theatrics or to be overly complex. Each song tells a story like a novel and allows the listener to really feel their emotions. Their debut along with their potential make me excited for LOVELOVELOVE’s future.

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