The Microphone Therapy Experience presented by Traklife & Mac Fame | Album Listening Session

The Microphone Therapy Experience presented by Traklife & Mac Fame | Album Listening Session

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“Microphone Therapy” is rapper/lyricist, Mac Fame’s latest release as of January 29, 2021 (just a few months after the release of his previous project, “I Am”). Constantly on the music grind, Mac Fame is another emerging talent that embodies hard work and dedication and the quality of his music definitely shows for it. In “Microphone Therapy,” he brings forth a more mature sound different from his previous work and flexes his lyrical capability. If you’ve heard the project, you definitely understand that Mac Fame has some sh*t to say. Hosted by Traklife’s editor in chief, Hazzle Joy, we take a deep dive into each track to talk about how each track came to be and what inspired it. Stay tuned until the end for a live performance by Mac Fame himself of his project title track “Microphone Therapy.”

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Mac Fame

Mac Fame is a Hip-Hop Artist, Songwriter, and Producer from San Diego, CA, Currently Residing in Los Angeles, CA.

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