Navigating the Virtual Performance Landscape – Episode 2 – Artistry Ascending

Navigating the Virtual Performance Landscape – Episode 2 – Artistry Ascending

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Explore the new frontier of live entertainment in “Navigating the Virtual Performance Landscape.” This episode Mark W. delves into the surge of virtual gigs, offering a platform for artists to share the unique experiences and hurdles of captivating an audience from afar. Learn the secrets of engaging fans online, from interactive strategies to building a thriving virtual community. Plus, elevate your performance with expert advice on optimizing sound and video quality, including recommendations for budget-friendly equipment and software designed for up-and-coming artists. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or just starting out, this episode is your guide to shining in the digital spotlight.

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Shot & Directed by: Mark W. ▶
Assisted by: Uprise Imaging ▶
Produced by: D A R I U S ▶
Assistant Producer: Ervin Cordero ▶
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How are....YOUUUUU?! I am Mark W. I rap, I'm an on screen personality, a host, I'm a sound engineer (record mix and master), and I shot videos from time to time. I'm a jack of all trades as most artists in this day and era have to be. I'm a advocate for artists, in a sense, where I want artists to be more equipped to handle the lifestyle that they have chosen to dive into. So, you will see me speaking about things that artists need to be aware of, look out for, and be ready to attack in the life stand of their career. This is not to say that I know it all because I am still learning everyday!
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