It was an important milestone for Traklife as we are officially in its 6th year of operation. We would like to send a special thank you to all supporters, new and old. And thank you to the dedication of the Traklife Team that reside worldwide.

We hope to continue creating quality projects for the culture. We do this for the people, by the people.

View pictures from the Traklife 6-Year-Anniversary Party: Here


Watch the Traklife 6 Year Roll Call:


Thank You and Credits:

Traklife CEO Ervin Cordero (Photos)
Blue J Bar and Lounge
Primo Prints
Michael ‘Mac’ Cruz (Roll Call Video)

All DJs, Hosts, and Performers

Rakeem Miles
The Seige
Cliff Holt
Rambo Lee

In the mix:
DJ Nickyboi (The Pancake Mixshow -LA)
Swivll (The Kickback Show-LA)
Thurston (Resident DJ-LA)
DJ SosoJeff (On Air With A Ron-LA/Vegas)
DJ Two 3 (Resident DJ)

Crowd Control:
Emcee Classiq (The Soul Vibe Show-LA)
Hazzle Joy (Thanks For The Show- LA)
Cuenza (Resident MC-LA)

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