Lil Yachty’s Concrete Boys: a Modern Day Wu-Tang Clan?

Lil Yachty has already done the unthinkable: grow out of his “Soundcloud” cocoon and turn into a creative butterfly in the rap industry. But his new group, the Concrete Boys, could be the thing that further separates him from that reputation and cements him and the other members into the rap history books.

But the questions have to be asked: what’s their ceiling? What’s their floor? Are they going to live up to the great expectations they’ve set? Or are they simply a novelty, a little refresh to the game that will be eclipsed by greater acts in the future?

To me, they are the greater acts of the future.

I could go through each and every member and what they have to offer, but truthfully the best way to describe them is through the work they do together. From Yachty and producer MitchGoneMad’s “A Safe Place” podcast to the “OnTheRadar” radio freestyle, they have been a treat to hear both in their music and their personalities. But the biggest indicator of their potential came in their “Mo Jams” song released on YouTube.

Posted under the channel name “Concrete Family,” “Mo Jams” features a buttery smooth beat passed around from DC2Trill to Yachty to Draft Day to Karrahbooo as gracefully as a baton pass in the Olympics. Each member carries their own weight, to say the least. They’re all so stylistically different, yet they work so well together.

It makes you wonder: when was the last time a group with this many members had this much synergy?

Honestly? Maybe not since Wu-Tang Clan was dominating 30 years ago.

Now of course, I’m not comparing the Concrete Boys to the legend that is Wu-Tang. I can’t. I mean, A$AP Mob has probably gotten closer to them than the Concrete Boys are now. But let’s not forget, they’re still in their infancy. And everything we’ve heard so far points to them being one of the most talented rap groups entering 2024 and beyond.

Who knows? Maybe they’ll actually be as legendary as them one day.

At least we can be excited for the “It’s Us Vol.1” group mixtape that’s being created as I’m typing this. Truthfully, I have been at the edge of my seat waiting for more details about this record, and everyone who loves good rap should be as well.

Hopefully I haven’t committed rap sacrilege with the (potential) Wu-Tang comparison. Only time will tell where the Concrete Boys will end up when it’s all said and done, but count this as a note saying “called it” in case they do end up being as great as they have shown they can be.


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