Artist Interview – Adam Paddock

Adam Paddock is a Nashville based singer-songwriter. Since making his debut in 2020, Adam’s built a reputation on energetic live performances and gripping vocals. Read below to hear about the song he’s most proud of, how he got his start in music, and more!

How did you get your start in music?

I have a unique upbringing, when it comes to music. I began playing trumpet and baritone (brass) in fifth grade. I kept this part of my identity under wraps, though, as I was a very sports-driven individual, at the time. As my sisters began joining the school show choir, I began disassociating even more from it, as it was what my sisters did. I picked up the guitar around freshman year of high school and got comfortable with it by learning my favorite songs behind closed doors. The tides turned in 2017, when I was approaching my senior year, and all of my best friends were in show choir. By this point, the group at my school had risen to 2nd in the nation, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I auditioned, simply hoping to get in on pity. I sang in front of people for the first time, and, soon enough, I was the soloist for a nationally contenting show choir – Loveland By Request. As for when I began writing music and considering it my own, freshman and sophomore years of high school were my true introduction to the possibility, and with a lot of help from friends, I learned to produce my own demos and originals! 

When did you realize that you were meant to be an artist?

I realized that I am meant to be an artist as soon as I dipped my toes in the musical community. That was a gradual experience between show choir, co-writes, production collaboration, and more. I realized that I am meant to be a performer when I felt the energy from the crowd, as I stood side-stage before opening for Waka Flocka Flame and MAX. 

For people who are hearing of you for the first time, what are three things you want them to know about you as an artist?

Three things you should know about Adam Paddock as an artist are: 


– You NEED to make it to a live show to experience the full might of the community that surrounds the music. 


– Prepare to get everything from EDM remixes to acoustic ballads from my discography. Stay on your toes! There’s so much beauty to be found in new types of music! There’s something for EVERYONE. 


– People are the point, and my music is my means to convey this message. 

The remix of ‘Broken Clarity’ is your most streamed song on Spotify. Why do you think listeners gravitate towards this song versus some of your others?

This is my most streamed song, frankly, because it popped off on Tik Tok and hit the algorithm in Spotify! It was trending that way, initially, but these two boosts sped up the process. One reason that, I believe, people gravitate towards the song, is because of how bombastic and unique the soundscape presents. It is nothing like what people expect of me, and I love that. Another logistical reason was that it was released mid-concert, while I opened for Waka Flocka Flame and MAX. 

If you had to pick one, which of your released singles are you most proud of?

If I had to pick one song, GOLDEN EYES would be that song. It is something special to write a song about a concept, and slowly unravel the reality that it was about the writer the whole time. I adore the song’s unique structure, the jaw-dropping belt mid-song, and the Coldplay-esque elements that drive the song forward. It was never what I was expecting, but everything I needed. 

Is there a song you’ve written that has had a profound impact on you?

GOLDEN EYES would be the song that has had the most profound impact on me. It is my reminder to persevere in all circumstances. It is only fitting that it would come to me, without my intention. I know others have found this, too, as it has been tattooed on fans! Otherwise, That’d Be Enough has had the most profound impact on me. It is a reminder that my person is enough. It is so simply put, but so profound in its meaning.

Your stage presence is electric! What is your favorite part of performing live?

Thank you! Performing is where I feel most alive. My favorite part of performing live is seeing the worlds collide in every city. Life-long friends are made every show, and I get to watch as strangers build those bonds. People are the point. As I see the community build, the meaning of every song grows stronger and the fun gets even wilder. 

From releasing your first single in 2020, to now having opened for artists such as Jake Miller and Anna Vous, how have you grown as an artist?

Little did I know that the first single, ‘Milky Way,’ would be played for a 2,000+ audience only a year later. By then, I had 15 songs under my belt and the train had just left the station. Tangibly, I have grown as an artist by getting to open for artists more in my niche and co-write with people that I admire, that often become friends. Intrinsically, I have grown in my maturity of songwriting and production, and been given far better perspective on the balance between artistry and conventional success. 

Fifty years from now, what do you hope people think of when they hear the name Adam Paddock?

Fifty years from now, I hope people think of the Adam Paddock concert that they went to last week. 😉 Truly, I hope that people think of the community that was built around the music. Shared experience is one of life’s most beautiful offerings. I hope to extend that gift as often as I can. 

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