Artist Interview – Sofia Gillani

Sofia Gillani is an up-and-coming pop artist ready to share her vision with the world. Traklife got to speak to Sofia ahead of the release of her latest single, Monster. Read more to hear about Sofia’s musical vision, what sets her apart from the crowd, and more!

How did you get your start in music?

It stemmed from having the ambition to use music as a creative outlet, to writing songs, to spending time in the studio perfecting my craft. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, so when my dad, a role model in music for me, being a past musician himself, guided me through the basics of creating tracks and refining the musical journey , the world has been my oyster from there. I’ve enjoyed the small victories, and have been constantly writing songs whenever the inspiration has called for it.

Who are some of the artists you look up to?

I’d definitely have to say at the moment, it’s been Fleetwood Mac and Ariana Grande for their healing energies and beautiful harmonies, alongside the jazzy concepts from Bruno Mars. I’ve always loved listening to SZA and the band ‘i don’t know how but they found me’. I find their music freeing, and hope I can portray a similar vibe, whilst maintaining my own message.

Describe your sound in three words.

Funky, Intense, organic

Out of your current singles available to stream, which was your favorite to write.

Water Run Dry‘ has always been a favourite, from originally building the metaphor, to revolving a song and a music video to it. It has some crazy stories and adventures behind it, and it has been such a joyful project to finish.

Your newest single, Monster, comes out in February. Where did the inspiration for Monster come from?

I wanted to take the idea of a ‘monster’ and completely flip it. Every song I write is different, because my music evolves alongside me. So with ‘Monster’, I decided to branch into something dark, intricate, and creatively perplexing. It reminds me of a whimsically detective project, as the lyrics and the music video portray a noir sense of me. I won’t spoil! But it’s incredibly exciting!

What was it like shooting the music video for Monster?

Weird. I loved every bit of it, but since we filmed at so many moments of time, when it came together, it was very fulfilling. My team is amazing, and it was such a dream constructing a visual for this song with them. Especially, since some of the scenes were dark, the messing around with light and dark shadows and the contrast in lenses, perspectives, receiving creative criticism, it was all ethereal. I’m practically in love with horror, so Monster was a dream. Or a ‘nightmare’ if you will.

What sets you apart from other up-and-coming artists?

My vision. My passions, my pursuits, and my messages come from the organic growth of a new generation Pakistani girl who knows her messages and her music, aren’t the same when compared to anyone else. Everything I write and sing is with the purpose of expressing myself, and I truly believe no one can replicate that. I take up space, I’m loud, and I have songs which echo my life, in a way that’s entertaining, but also bold and unique every time. Every song I release is never the same, which always leave my growing fanbase with the excitement of what’s to come, and I know and hope that will expand. I want to spread joy from an abstract perspective, from Sofia Gillani.

As we begin 2023, what are some of your plans for the year?

Big ones. My eyes are on the sky, but also on expanding to global shows, and we have planned even more singles and music videos in the works. Not only that, but an ep to come out is in the future! But to me, the music ‘grind’ never stops, but let’s say, 2023 is going to be a big year.

When someone hears the name Sofia Gillani, what do you hope comes to mind?

The singer who’s not afraid to experiment. With range, with genres, with life. The singer whose music you listen to, to make you feel blessed, intrigued, ecstatic, the best version of yourself, but also to jam and have a good time. That’s what music is all about- spreading positivity through accessible emotional connection.

‘Monster’ is set to release in late February.

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