Tiktok Star David Kushner Headlines First LA Concert

David Kushner, a musician who gained fame on Tiktok, played his first show at the Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles, California, on Oct. 21.

This show was Kushner’s second show headlining, the first of which was in New York City. In January, Kushner released his first song, “Miserable Man,” which helped him gain notoriety through Tiktok. “Miserable Man” is his most listened to song on Spotify with over 72 million listens, followed by his second release, “Mr. Forgettable,” which has 57 million listens.

Kushner played songs from his latest EP, “Footprints I Found,” a cover of “Another Love” by Tom Odell and even an unreleased song called “I Dreamed of You in White.”

Kushner would stop and give background information about each song before playing them. For example, before playing “Cannon Beach,” he asked the audience, “Who here loves their mom?” The crowd erupted with cheers and someone from the audience shouted that Kushner’s mother was watching the show through a FaceTime call. “Cannon Beach” was dedicated to his mother and their trips to Cannon Beach in Oregon.

Before playing “Another Love,” Kushner described a memory of when he was in his mom’s car listening to “Another Love” on repeat. He disclosed how he’s planning on releasing a song called “Scars” with Odell later this year. When Odell reached out to Kushner, he “freaked out and got emotional later that day.”

When Kushner played “Miserable Man,” he claimed that the song “basically changed [his] life” during the concert. The audience’s singing filled the whole venue and made a room with a capacity of 250 people feel like a full stadium.

When the audience was singing the last chorus of the song, Kushner pulled out his in-ear monitor to hear the crowd sing with him. He stood there in awe and said “this is crazy.”

Kushner ended the show by playing “Mr. Forgettable,” a song about Alzhiemer’s disease. He disclosed that his grandfather passed away from Alzhiemer’s, which made the performance that much more memorable and emotional.

The audience’s singing rang through the entire building once more. After the song finished, Kushner requested that the audience sing the final chorus once more. He took out his in-ear monitors and basked in the glory of his first Los Angeles concert.

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