Syryn Records Releases Debut Album

The music industry is full of a wide variety of people. That being said, some voices are often heard louder than others. Syryn Records aims to amplify voices of those who are often underrepresented in the music industry.  



A non-profit, youth-run label, Syryn Records focuses on uplifting female and gender-expansive creatives. On November 18th, Syryn released their debut compilation album. From spoken-word poetry to lo-fi, this eleven-track album features a little bit of everything. Click HERE to listen to the album and read more to find out about the eleven amazing and unique artists featured. 

Track 1: Salome Agbaroji – Make A Million

Opening up the album is poet Salome Agbarjoi. She is a Nigerian-American poet and the Los Angeles County Youth Poet Laureate of 2022-2023, the first African with this distinction. She has written and performed her spoken word poetry for the Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Golden Globes pre-show, and was an opening act on Rupi Kaur’s world tour. To learn more about Salome, click HERE.

Track 2: Geia – All Girls to the Front

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Geia Wilkinson is a singer-songwriter. She had a love of music young, learning to play guitar and eventually become a songwriter by fourteen. As a solo act she’s performed at venues such as the legendary Whisky a Go Go. ‘All Girls to the Front’ is her debut single. Check out Geia’s Instagram HERE.

Track 3: a.kai – city lights

Sixteen-year-old Alexis, also known as a.kai (pronounced a-kai), is a California based musician. When she’s not writing poetry or learning about her Taiwanese culture, she’s creating music. Music is a.kai’s creative outlet and hopes that the words she writes can help or inspire others. Don’t let her young age fool you, a.kai has already helped co-found a label. This is just the beginning for this young artist and there is certainly more to come. Click HERE to be brought to a.kai’s Spotify where you can follow and stay up to date when she releases new music.

Track 4: Bugz R Beautiful – Botfly Larvae

Bugz R Beautiful, aka Cicada, is a L.A. based musician. Having a background in orchestral but a love of rock, her music is best described as experimental and eclectic. A multi-instrumental talent, Cicada also produces her own work. There are many genres she hopes to explore in the future. To follow along on her creative journey, check out Bugz R Beautiful’s Instagram HERE.

(While you’re there, check out her art account!)

Track 5: Zadie Jean – October

From Southern California, nineteen-year-old Zadie Jean is an artist who isn’t afraid to embrace the harder parts of life. Her music features mature topics, such as addiction and depression, paired with low-beat guitar and vocals layered in reverb. Producing intimate tracks, Zadie’s music is sure to pull at emotions deep within. Click HERE to check out her Instagram and learn more about this up-and-comer.

Track 6: GeminiMusic – Let Me Go

With the legal name Gemini, and having the star sign Gemini, the name lends itself to the Oakland native. Currently a small neo soul artist, Gemini hopes to influence someone, someday. To listen to some of Gemini’s other music, click HERE.

Track 7: Victorie – Lovesick

Victorie is a So-Cal based singer-songwriter. She’s had experience as both a musician having learned piano, guitar, and saxophone, but also as a conductor. Being on both sides of musical performance has given her a wide variety of skills that she infuses into her work. Having won an honorable mention from the Beat Battle songwriting competition and had her own compositions performed by the Brightwork Newmusic Ensemble, Victorie is steadfast in carving her own path in the music industry. Follow her Spotify HERE.

Track 8: Gertrude – guilty

Sasha-Courtney Hofisi, known professionally as Gertrude, creates music that’s intrinsically tied to the people and places who raised her. Having gone to a performing arts high school, she began to craft her musical talents at a young age. She found herself a part of the indie rock scene and found herself making music in the genre. That being said, her music taste is broad, and she one day hopes to switch to hip-hop. Follow her INSTAGRAM to stay up to date on her musical journey.

Track 9: Raiesa – Why Should I?

From Toronto, Canada, Raiesa is a 22-year-old Taurus sun. With a personality revolving around music and chicken nuggets, this artist brings a lot of personality to the table. Check out her Instagram HERE.

Track 10: Reiyn – Someday

Hailing from a small rural town in Maine, Reyyn Hart is seventeen years old and has been performing as far back as she can remember. She’s excited to be a part of the 2022 cohort for Syryn. She has another single out, ‘Summer Daze’, which you can listen to HERE.

Track 11: gruel – ephemeral sun

Last, but certainly not least, we have gruel. Influenced by their classic, but forward-thinking hometown of San Francisco, gruel’s music is best described as glitch grunge. No sample is off limits for the artist who describes their sound as ‘the border between the material and digital world.’ Follow gruel’s Spotify HERE.

Each track on this album shines a spotlight on these talented individuals.  To find out more about Syryn and help support their mission, click here.

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