As the music industry continues to grow, opportunities begin to arise for many artists around the world. As a representative of Traklife Music, I have had the opportunity to be able to get to know the newest generation of Filipino artists including Denise Julia, Shanaia Gomez, Nameless Kids, Jeremy Glinoga, and Anji Salvacion. Not only was I able to get to talk to them about what they are most excited for the upcoming shows is but to also get to know who they are as individuals and what music means to them. With the launch of MYX Live and MYX Hits Different approaches, the artists of MYX Global begin to get excited to be able to share their lives and messages through their music. Ever since the pandemic the music industry has really emerged and has been a great opportunity for people to share their passion and music through the power of the internet.

As a fan of all types of music, I have always been into getting to the artists outside the music which is why I am super excited about the show MYX Hits Different. While prepping for MYX’s PR opportunity I was super thrilled to talk to Denise Julia and Shanaia Gomez from MYX Hits Different. As a fan of their music, I really wanted to dive into what they were most excited about for the show and get to know them a little as a global artist. Through this interview, I was able to genuinely get to see the vibes of what this show brings especially when Denise Julia said, “With this show, the audience will get to see a whole new different side to us. As I said, it’s a different take on WHO artists are as human beings. It shows a much deeper, a much more substantial side to us other than singers and artists.” This alone made me want to watch this show even more. As a music fan, I have always believed that the artist behind the music is very important to get to know because their backstory, friends, family, hobbies, and so much more are what drives them to be the artist they are today. Especially when pursuing a music career at a super young age, both artists can agree that their life right now “is about the experience and trying new things to fully discover who you are” I look forward to watching this show and really getting a taste of beyond who these amazing global artists are behind their music.

On Top of the amazing new show MYX Hits Different we are lucky enough to experience a returning show filled with amazing bold and fresh live music through MYX Live! I have had the pleasure of talking to a couple of amazing artists such as the group Nameless Kids, Jeremy Glinoga, and Anji Salvacion to represent MYX Live. I remember watching MYX Live the first time around, so when I heard that they were bringing it back with another generation of singers I was ecstatic to be able to get to hear more amazing music from the newer generation of Filipino Music. Live music has honestly been long overdue, I believe that with live music back artists from MYX can bring amazing content to new and old fans. This is another way to engage with the audience and get people to see the amazing live performers these artists are. Through this interview something that stuck with me was when Nhiko Sabiniano said this pandemic was “both a blessing and a curse.” This holds a lot of meaning not only to the other artists but to my own journey through this pandemic. No matter if everyone’s journey has been different each of the artists from MYX Live has shown only support for each other as both an individual and artists. I am super excited to see what kind of live music and fan service they will provide through this new season of MYX Live.

I have no doubt that these shows will thrive and be able to reach a global amount of audience. Featuring your raw and authentic voices isn’t easy, so I hope that your journey only thrives and brings great joy to our new generation.

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