Luv 4 Music is a Luv that is 4ever

What comes to mind when you think of love? My love for music is my initial thought. Dedicated fans screaming and ranting in the crowds show their genuine love towards J.I.D and Smino.

Love can also be described as the two-hour turnaround drive I made to attend this event with my sight blocked by snow. At the moment, my love outweighed my fear on the road and that’s what kept me going.

Now, I can say… it was well worth it.

J.I.D performing at the 20 Monroe Live, Grand Rapids, MI

J.I.D was up first. This multi-platinum artist performed a breathtaking set with a few pieces from his album “The Forever Story.” When the show originally started, I was located in the back of the crowd. As he kept going, the crowd met his energy and I was somehow pushed toward the front. That level of raw immense energy kept relocating my position in the crowd and I lost my balance countless times. But the show must go on and at the moment, I didn’t care if I was unbalanced or being squished — it was the undeniable love I had just for being there. It was a performance like “Working Out” that made me feel empowered and it was easy to only focus on that.

You been on my mind more than a minute, I was wasting time splitting decisions.

Smino, Modenaminute (Luv 4 Rent)

The whole time I wanted Smino to see the jacket I made for the concert that day. There were fans there who even complimented me on how nice it was, which made me wish he could see it more.

Luckily, we have the internet. I posted the jacket on my social media and this was his response.

If you have never seen the cover art of Smino’s “Luv 4 Rent”, then I highly suggest you do. That is where I pulled the inspiration from in creating this jacket.

Now, this is a love story that I don’t want to end. Seeing Smino live for the first time has left me with no words. I’ve been a fan of his music since “Anita” off his “Blkswn” album that was released in 2017. I thought when I first got to the concert originally, I would not have a great view of the performance. But, thanks to the crowd and the momentum of pure hype, I was in the front to see everything.

Smino’s performance oozed authenticity. The same artist in your playlist is the same one you get to see on stage. His love for the Black culture, his impeccable fashion sense, and his knowledge of knowing how to sway the crowd are all key factors that made him a great co-headliner to see.

I may have strained my voice in the process, but it was well worth it to sing every song I could.

Smino performing at 20 Monroe Live, Grand Rapids, MI

The “Luv is 4ever” tour in Grand Rapids, Michigan marks only the second concert I have been to. Here’s what I learned: Take the time to go see your favorite artist, even if you attend alone. I went solo and I had the best time just being a part of a scene as big as this one. Plan smart and if you are traveling, always get there safely.

Because I had the courage to do this, it will always be a memory I will never forget. My Luv for music will always be a Luv that is 4ever.

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