KIANA writes music that employs emotional revenue of love and heartbreak

Her photo was captured by Shayla Anderson

Artist Select winner, KIANA discusses her recently released song called  “Split Decisions”, and how complex her vocals were shown during her first duo song with Montreal-based artist, Lou Celestino called “Wait on Me.” 

KIANA is a Toronto-based artist, whose music employs emotional revenue along the lines of love and heartbreak. When I had the chance to listen to both of these songs, I can see that “Wait on Me” and “Split Decisions” told a story from the perspective of the woman doing the heartbreaking, rather than being brokenhearted. 

“Wait on Me is about a woman telling her significant other…  [or her partner] doesn’t have to wait on her and that she is not capable of fixing someone and it’s best for them to move on [away from each other],” KIANA explained. 

She added, “Split decisions [talk] about letting someone go because they are worthy of being treated [better] on what I’m capable of treating them.”

Both songs have a similar feel of how the woman isn’t the one dealing with heartbreak, however, they were recorded with two different music harmonies. KIANA said that “Wait on Me” pushed her vocalizing by creating “stacked” high harmonies in the chorus and hooks. She is thankful for artist and writer Sainvil, who pushed her to record for the high notes.  She wrote this song with her good friend, Lou, who worked on this track with her for the first time. Lou’s vocal achievement of higher notes ( KIANA described only reaching in her dreams) made for the track to be very well composed of harmonious shrill.

KIANA voiced that “Split Decisions” was also written on the spot during her six-hour session with Keyon Christ and producer/engineer Kenny Harmon. She mentioned she worked with Kenny before on another song he engineered, “Playing with Fire.” 

It is important for KIANA’s craftsmanship in music to have a particular sound, so she was surprised at the result. 

“But I feel like when you are around really talented people and around people that know what they are doing…very passionate at what they do, things just flow effortlessly,” she said. 

I mentioned to KIANA that I’m an “old school romantic” so it’s hard for me to date in a generation that only wants hook-ups. She agreed because aside from her dominant independence, she describes herself to be a “hopeless romantic”, as well. 

“My perfect person has to be someone who can appreciate the blend of the two [dominant independence and hopeless romantic], and kind of complement the blend of the two,” KIANA said.

KIANA is currently working on an EP and expressed that this project will be different from any other music she put out. For this project to be an embodiment of her limitless creativity, she is allowing herself to be open-minded about her musical influence from different genres. 

“Me and my friends would get in the studio and we would be listening to rock, we’ll be listening to old school R&B, we’ll be listening to pop…to get a lot of different inspiration, and I feel like being around so many different people while traveling has also catered to that inspiration,” she said. 

KIANA feels that there’s no rush developing this new EP.  Though she mentioned that half of the recording is done, she doesn’t want to put an official date of release. She knows that she is aiming for a particular sound that cultivates the project and doesn’t limit what she can create. In order to accomplish this, she wants to make sure the finished product is put out right. 

She said, “I really want it [EP] to be a very beautiful well-put body of work, so I’m taking my time to get that particular sound I’m looking for.”

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