Katy Perry Delivers Pitch Perfect Toy Story-Inspired Las Vegas Show

When I was first introduced to Perry in 2008 with the debut album One of The Boys, I remember her entrance coming out of a banana at a local radio show. With her second album Teenage Dream, the campiness continued with the iconic bra that was cans of whipped cream and smurf blue hair. The tour in support of the album, The California Dreams tour, was a candy-coated good time, as she went across the arena in a cotton candy cloud singing “The One That Got Away” with an outfit covered in candy canes.

With her new two-year Vegas residency Play, that started last year, I was intrigued to see what Perry would do to continue the extravagant props and set designs she is known for.

Shortly before the show began, the audience was told by the social media icon Rickey Thompson to put their phones away and have a good time. As the curtain opened, we were introduced to Perry Playland, a land that included Left Shark from her 2015 Superbowl Halftime Show, a lion, a kitty, an eye, and a Katy Doll. Each toy was in its own vending machine, with a boy with braces wanting a Katy Doll.

As the boy gets his hands on a Katy Doll, we were in the first act of four, called “Henry The Horror.” Perry then appears on stage with the boy’s hand putting her down on his bed while performing “E.T.” The act included her hits “Chained To The Rhythm,” “Dark Horse” and “Not the End Of The World” with a wooden rocking horse.

In Act Two, the boy takes the Katy Doll into the bathroom, where he accidentally drops her in the toilet. Properly named “Flushed,” Perry then reappears on stage in a toilet paper dress singing “California Gurls,” which featured a duet with a piece of poop that pops out from the toilet. “California Gurls” was then followed by Hot n Cold, Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F), and a Liza Minelli-inspired rendition of “Waking Up in Vegas”

Act Three got trippy. We see the Katy Doll get tossed out in the backyard and eat a mushroom. Perry appears on stage In a red jumpsuit with a mushroom hat on top of a snail singing “Bon appetit.” When singing her song “Daisies,” she reminds the audience to live their authentic self as colorful daisies appear throughout. Perry closes the act with a sultry rendition of “I Kissed A Girl” that included a flirty moment between her and a curvy frog.

Act Four (Trashun) sees Perry in a trash can, where she self-reflects and performs “Lost,” ‘Part of Me” and “Wide Awake” with a drunken rat. Things pick back up with “Never Really Over.” “When I’m Gone” and the underrated bop “Walking On Air.” During “Swish Swish,” Perry invited two fans on stage for a dance-off that included a ripped shirt and a fan that literally says “Biggest Fan.”

In the last act, Katy Doll is picked out of the trash by a girl chasing a plastic bag from a toy store and cleans her up to be in a dazzling gown. Katy Doll is reunited with her Perry Playland mates, feeling grateful. In the gorgeous gown, Perry sings” Teenage Dream,” “Smile” and “Roar.” For the encore, she performs a beautiful rendition of George Benson’s “The Greatest Love of All” in a gorgeous pink gown. She then closes the show with “Firework.”

Perry’s show gave everything and more. Vocals, production, theatrics, costumes, and a bit of comedy in between. Play by far is one of the more entertaining shows to land in Sin City and is one to catch before its final show in November.

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