Kali Uchis Celebrates Romance on ‘RED MOON IN VENUS’

In naming her third studio album after the blood moon, a symbol of ill fate and instability in ancient mythology, Kali Uchis captures the complex emotional nuances of her third studio album, Red Moon In Venus.

“I think it’s sexy,” the Colombian-American singer-songwriter asserted in an interview with NPR’s Scott Simon on Weekend Edition Saturday. “The music is very feminine. It’s about love, so Venus felt, like, obvious for me. And then red moon – it just felt like the energy. Like, I felt like red encapsulated the entire body of work. And the moon – I’m guided by the moon. So red moon – it just felt like the right thing.”

Kali’s long-awaited third album was preceded by two singles, “I Wish you Love,” and “Moonlight,” both which showcase the slinky, sultry old-school funk and soul that characterize much of Red Moon In Venus. She gives a nod to the 1980s on the synth-heavy Darkchild-produced “Endlessly,” a song that finds Uchis in love and spoiled by her significant other. “”I’m the first girl that got you gettin’ romantic / ‘Cause once you had this, always gotta have it,” she boasts playfully.

Though Red Moon In Venus is undoubtedly a project centered around love, one of the standout tracks is dedicated to Kali’s haters. “Hasta Cuando” is a fiery, bilingual clapback to drama that boosts the album’s emotional turbulence. 


“Whatever makes you feel better / Paint me as the villain if that makes you feel better / Make everyone hate me if that makes you feel better,” she raps confrontationally.

The album features several high-profile collaborations, including Summer Walker on the trap-pop song “Deserve Me” and Omar Apollo on the funky “Worth the Wait.” Kali’s boyfriend, rapper and singer Don Toliver, joins her on the Afrobeat-influenced “Fantasy,” Red Moon‘s most danceable track.

The album’s closing song “Happy Now” resolves the album on a catchy, upbeat note with the vow to focus on the good and embrace every moment of life. As the song fades, Kali sings repeatedly, “Don’t speed through the rainbows.” It’s a full circle moment as she releases negative energy in order to truly be liberated and happy with her lover.


“The main takeaway of both sections in this song is about letting go of all the drama in life and choosing to be happy,” Uchis told Spotify. “I felt it was important to close the project washing it all away with the sounds of nature as we opened with the sounds of nature as well. Happiness and peace of mind over everything.”

Stream Red Moon In Venus on Spotify below.



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