Introducing Illa Propper, A Media Group That Provides ‘A Safe Space’ For Artists’ Work

When me and my friend Axel created it back in the day, we wanted to create a safe space for our friends, family, and like-minded individuals; to have a way to create music for the soul, lyrics for the mind, and let their passion soar beyond imagination.

Apparattus/ Heart of Glass, Co-founder of Illa Propper Media Group

Investing through healing connections and creating music is not the only element Illa Propper Media Group is known for. Their influence produced healthy longevity through friendship, turning artists into family.

Justin Bobbs, known as Apparattus and the Heart of Glass, said that this media group has seen some changes in the past decade, but it has stood the test of time. The two founders came to an agreement that Illa Propper members had to align with the beliefs that had already been established. They agreed that no artist should be limited to the industry’s confinements on creating music.

“Revolutionize music, demolish the system, do it for the underdogs. [Illa Propper’s goal] is to inspire people to find the soul and heart in all they do,” Apparattus said.

Willie J the Artist, an Illa Propper member from Baldwin, Michigan, said he was able to represent small-town artists because of this partnership. When he started making music around 2019, he expressed that every song he put out had a purpose. Working with Apparattus on forming the beats for his latest single, “When I’m That”, gave Willie J the Artist an influential foundation in cultivating vision noir. He described the project as intellectual versus aggressive and he was blessed to work with him.

Apparattus said that the community will see Illa Propper’s uniqueness and comradery — a major difference from the normal formula in the music industry.

“They’ll see the dedication to the craft [music] and the 1000 hours we put in. They’ll see how we have inspired and impacted not just our genres of art, but our communities, as well.” Apparattus said.

Daniel Winters, a Nashville, Tennesse novelist, said he knew Apparattus through school three years ago. He joined Illa Propper in June 2020. His songwriting and poetry led him to connect with how wide the world is.

“Music is the power of language. I was able to learn about life that was not always in front of me,” Winters said.

With the music industry growing each day, Illa Propper’s monument is standing with upcoming artists’ virtuality. Authenticity and genuine friendships in this community can last longer than any business deal. Their mission is about the true discovery of what an artist can do, and making sure they have the right exposure to lead them there.

Illa Propper artist Arcana Moon, discovered her talent for music-making with the help of Illa Propper as well. When she first met Apparattus, she had never written or produced music — something that changed in 2019.

“I came from a musical theatre background and that’s all I had known up until that point. Upon the pandemic hitting, music was my main way to keep sane, and I’d realized that even only after a year of making it [music], I was actually quite good. And my friends, including Justin, were very impressed with what I’d be able to curate on such a DAW [digital audio workstation],” Arcana Moon said.

“A little ways into 2020, he’d reached out to me asking if I’d like to be a part of his collective, Illa Propper, and I, of course, said yes! I love nothing more than the idea of getting to bounce creative projects, concepts, demos, etc. off an entire group of people whom I’d also met through college. To have the opportunity to grow together, and keep each other afloat along the rugged terrain that was that year. I’ve been a member ever since.”

Illa Propper Media Group holds a deeper meaning to all the artists they represent. Even though this group started with a vision for a creative safe space, it was able to jumpstart a lot of artists’ careers.

According to Spotify for Artists, Arcana Moon has a little over three thousand streamers and about 12 thousand streams. This was all possible because she was able to network with a group that believed in her vision.

This won’t be the last we hear of Illa Propper Media Group. Be sure to look at upcoming in-depth stories of the members as the following week progresses.

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