DougieTheDon on Music, Life, & Hustle [Artist Interview]

DougieTheDon, a rapper from Los Angeles by way of Las Vegas, is one of those artists that create music from different sides of the spectrum — meaning that he can create music for the turn up, but also use the same passion and energy when he wants to create from a place of vulnerability. Listening to his songwriting is like looking deep into someone’s eyes and learning all there is to know about them: raw and unapologetic. Check out our interview below and learn more about DougieTheDon.

Give us a little bit on who DougieTheDon is and where he’s from.

DougieTheDon: I’m originally from Los Angeles, CA, born and raised. I currently live in Las Vegas and it’s now a second home to me. Music has always been a passion of mine and I regret the fact that I didn’t pursue it earlier. So now at my current age, I’m going all in or nothing. I have been a professional artist for 3 years and it’s been a success thus far. I feel that the more people that hear my music the more success I will have.

You’ve performed on multiple stages, appeared in the media, and got your music played on radio stations.  What’s your proudest moment as an artist to date?

My proudest moment as an artist was opening up for Dave East. It was a blessing to share the stage with an artist of his caliber and to be told my performance was the favorite of the night. The room was packed and the crowd was engaged. At that moment, I knew performing was meant for me.

Your music really shares a lot about the stories you want to tell. What do you want our audience to know about your music and message?

My message is and will always be “be honest and transparent”. I want my music to always reflect the truth even if it puts me into a bad light. I want people to relate to my music and relate their lives to my real life experiences. I want to be respected as an honest artist.

Which of your tracks would you have potential new fans listen to first to hook them onto your music?

It’s hard to choose because my catalog is extremely large. Every album has its own vibe and represents a certain part of my life. Therefore, instead of a song I would have them listen to an album. In no particular order: This One’s For Me, 92.Vibes, This One’s On You, For What It’s Worth and Don Talk 2.

What artists inspired your sound or who do you drive inspiration from when it comes to music?

My sound is definitely similar to Drake although I also get Nipsey Hussle comparisons (mainly for the sound of my voice). I’m really into 90’s Hip-Hop/R&B though. I’m so stuck on the past and it’s what drives my creative process.

Any dream collabs?

I would love to work with Drake, Jay-Z, Eminem, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Snoop and Dre – not just for the music but to gain knowledge on their creative processes and how they create their music.

In your music, being a dad obviously is really important to you.  How does that drive your hustle?

Giving my children the world is my ultimate goal, as well as the people around me. My family and friends are everything to me and I want to pave the way for a life with no worries and unlimited financial opportunities. Setting them up for life is what drives me.

What can we expect from DougieThaDon in the near future?

More music! More me. I work really hard and I’m obsessed with getting better and creating real music. I want to hit more stages and my main goal is to get on a festival stage. I just want my music heard and respected.

DougieTheDon’s openness in his music makes him relatable from multiple reference points. You don’t have to be a Hip-Hop fan to appreciate it. Mad respect to his hustle and grind and as he continues to push his career forward, his fans and listeners will continue to hear and witness the journey.

Check out our Live Session with DougieTheDon of his early hit “Best Of Me”:

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