Boygenius Play Entire Discography At Tour Warm Up Show

Boygenius, the super girl group trio that consists of Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus performed their first proper show since 2018 at the Fox Theater in Pomona, CA.

Upon arriving to the theater, it was by far the most packed show to be seen at the venue. Arriving an hour before doors opened, the line was wrapped around the whole entire theater and then some, with parking being almost nearly impossible to find.

The sold-out show kicked things off with a set from the girl duo Illuminati Hotties, who were announced to play just a few hours before the show began. The band’s lead  Sarah Tudzin and guitarist Sapphire Jewell blazed through a 30-minute set with their songs “The Sway,” “uvvp,” “(You’re Better) Than Ever” and “Pool Hopping” and an unreleased track called “Truck,” an indie-rock headbanger. In between songs, Tudzin shared a story about her adopting her stray dog in Pomona to the audience. Before ending their set, she reminded the crowd to “tell your best friends that you love them,” which most of the audience did right then and caught her off guard.

As the lights started to dimmer for Boygenius to come on, the crowd let their hair down from their ponytails (literally) to get ready for the warmup show.  The trio came on right at their set time, walking out to the Thin Lizzy classic “The Boys Are Back In Town.” The group led with a shorter version of “Without You Without Them,” the opening track of their debut album “the record” which was released last month. The inro shortly followed with the live debuts of “$20” and “Satanist.” They played song after song with little interaction in between.

“This is our first real show since 2018” Baker told the crowd halfway through their set. Dacus introduced their all-female band as well as Bridgers and Baker.

The rest of the setlist saw  debuts performances of “Leonard Cohen,” “We’re In Love,” “Anti-Curse” “Letter to an Old Poet”

The trio also performed all of their songs from their self-titled 2018 EP, including “Me & My Dog,” “Souvenir,” “Stay Down” and “Salt in the Wound.” For the encore, they came out with “Bite The Hand,” “Revolution 0” and “Stay Down” before ending with “Ketchum ID” without any mics.

With the set only having the band and insanely cool lighting, Boygenius put on one hell of a show that showcased the groups harmonizing vocals, crazy guitar riffs and their love for one another. It is a must see show for the year.

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