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kate the dreamer is currently on tour with FRENSHIP, and Traklife recently caught up with her to talk about her latest singles, what life on tour is like, and when fans can expect another project from the artist.

What was the inspiration behind “Plastic Heart Pts. 1 and 2?”

Plastic Heart Pt. 1 was a concept I had for over 8 years. The line in my notes app was “you can’t bleed from plastic hearts”. I have tried crafted a song from that idea for YEARS but nothing ever felt natural. It has meant different things to me over the years so when it finally found it’s home this year it all made sense.

Originally the person I was talking about with the plastic heart wasn’t me, but over the years I had become the person with this “plastic heart”. A person who had no feelings, and didn’t want them. I was having fun pretending to be all of these different versions of myself to appease the people I was dating. Towards the end of the song (lyrics reflected in the outro) I had just entered into a very different type of relationship than I was used to. The girl that used to be vulnerable, someone who cared about her feelings, the girl who knew that no one needed to/would ever save was starting to show again, and it feels good. 

Plastic Heart Pt. 2 was a complete accident. Originally my producer and I talked about having a longer outro in part 1, but as we started working on it it naturally turned into this release for me. It felt so right to build this sonic tension which felt so relevant in this period of change in my life. It is one of my favorite songs I have ever put out, and is made to be listened to in sequence with part 1. 

Your lyrics are always so personal; is it hard to share that much of yourself with others?

Lyrics are my favorite part about any song. I’m very precious about the words I choose. This song was written with my amazing co-writer McCall (also a SICK artist) and Nydge (the best producer in all the land) who truly helped me bring the essence of this idea alive. McCall can take what’s in your brain and write a verse in about 45 seconds, she has a superpower. The lyrics in combination with Nydge’s production really brought out the push and pull of these two different people that I feel live inside of my brain: one being a girl that cares about what people think and the other that doesn’t give a fuck. 

How did you decide to break the song into two parts? Did one part come before the other, or did you always intend to split it up?

I never had the intention of creating two songs out of this one, but I’ve been attempting some dual releases and this felt very natural once we finished up writing part 1. This song really feels like a release of a part of my life. I have been working a lot on myself throughout my 20’s but my 29th year has really felt like a blossoming year for me. This dual release is made to take you on a journey, that’s why I wanted them to be listened to together. 

What does a “plastic heart” mean to you?

Plastic heart has meant many different things over the years. As we wrote the song it has taken on a whole new meaning. It’s true inspiration was built from me feeling emotionless in order to not let people hurt me. It’s the classic ‘flight’ feeling I’ve had for years. 

“My plastic heart doesn’t bleed and you’re gonna forget this.”

Are these tracks part of a larger project? If so, when can fans expect it?

More music is coming. This is the start of a brand new sound for me and I’m hoping people are excited about it! Next year I’ve got some big plans, nothing is concrete yet but be sure to follow along, I promise this is just the beginning 🙂 

How is the tour going?

TOUR IS SO MUCH FUN! I LOVE meeting new fans. Most people don’t know who I am since I’m still such a small artist so watching the progression throughout the show of like “who tf is this girl?” to gaining some real life fans has been my favorite part of the whole journey. I have been met with so much love from fans and am so grateful to FRENSHIP for trusting me to be a part of it. 

What is it like to play shows after COVID shut live music down for so long?

The energy is wild. I know live music has always been one of my favorite ways to find new artists because it really feels like you see an artist’s personality when they play live. It gives you something you hold onto and relate to. I am hoping that’s how people have been feeling after coming to our shows because we’ve been having the best time performing! 

Any plans for a solo tour of your own?

As of right now no, but I would absolutely love to one day. If enough people would love to see me play I will do it! Right now I am so grateful for the tour I’m on and would absolutely love to do this again very soon. 

Check out “Plastic Heart Pts. 1 and 2” here and catch kate the dreamer on tour on her remaining dates!

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