7 Artists That Could Headline Coachella 2024

Rihanna superbowl

With Coachella 2023 just passing that featured headlining sets from Bad Bunny, Blackpink, Frank Ocean and Blink-182, there are probably contracts and talks happening with Coachella organizers as to who could potentially headline next year already.

While Coachella has had some repeat headliners in the past like The Weeknd, Radiohead and Arcade Fire, there are still a few artists that come to mind that can make their headliner debut in the desert next April. With Diplo’s recent comment about Coachella running out of headliners to perform, here are seven preliminary artists to prove otherwise.


As many times as the billionaire superstar has attended the festival, it is only fitting for her to headline. In 2016, she came out as a guest during Calvin Harris’ headlining set, leaving fans wanting more. With her making her much-anticipated return to the stage this year at the Superbowl Halftime Show and the Academy Awards, Coachella makes the most sense as her next on-stage appearance.

Rumors had circulated this year that Rihanna was set to headline the festival this year and this was one of the reasons Coachella had delayed announcing the lineup this year as it normally announced at the beginning of January. In the end, the contract fell through. Whether R9 or a new single comes with it or not, Rihanna is overdue for a headlining slot. The hits she already has under her belt along with the potential guests she could bring out both weekends would have fans and the media be just as excited as they were when she officially announced her performance at the Superbowl.

Rage Against The Machine

After announcing their much-anticipated reunion in late 2019, Rage Against The Machine was initially set to headline the festival in 2020 alongside Travis Scott and Frank Ocean. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival eventually got canceled. As the festival was delayed until 2022, the band had been touring a few shows in Europe and North America and the drummer had a severe injury. Due to the injury, the band had to postpone some shows, including Coachella. Now with the band fully intact and healed, its only fair for Rage to make their return to the desert.

Dua Lipa

With her insanely contagious 2020 album Future Nostalgia, Dua Lipa would make a killer headliner. As she has hinted to fans through social media and interviews that her third LP is halfway done, it is all aligning for the pop star to make her headlining debut. Like previous headliners, this could be a great rollout for her upcoming album with a lead single debuting before or during the festival.

Bruno Mars/Silk Sonic

Bruno Mars has got the charisma, hits, and moves to make a headlining set one to remember. After Kanye West dropped out of Coachella two weeks before the festival, they were scrambling to find a replacement. It had been rumored that Bruno Mars and/or Silk Sonic were on the shortlist to potentially be the headliner along with Tyler, the Creator and Justin Bieber. The rumor was then debunked with Mars saying that they would not have enough time to put a show-stopping show together in time. With that not being a hard no, that leaves the door open for a silky smooth set from the duo, given that they would have more time to prepare.


With her latest critically acclaimed album SOS shattering records this year, having one of the most popular songs of the year (“Kill Bill”) and her SOS tour being high in demand, it is only fitting for her to headline. SZA last performed at Coachella in 2018 opening for The Weeknd.

Karol G

Since her main stage slot last year, Karol G has become immensely popular. Her latest album Mañana Será Bonito debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, making it the first female Spanish-speaking album to land at the top of the chart. With the album, she also announced a headlining stadium tour that is now sold out. Coachella strives for artists that are not only popular in streaming numbers or bands that reunite, but they also tend to look at who can sell out multiple arena or stadium shows. If she headlines, she will become the first female Spanish-speaking headliner in the history of the festival’s run.


A left-field option but with there being a rumor that Sade is back in the studio recording a new album, this would be a huge get for Coachella. While Sade’s music may not cater to some of the demographic at the festival, it would still be a mesmerizing spectacle that many would still see at the Polo Grounds.

With 2023 being a history-making year including Bad Bunny being the festival’s first Latino headliner and Blackpink being the first K-pop headliner, Coachella 2024 could mark the festival’s first year with more than one female headliner. It’s about damn time.

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