Vedo Interview: “Mood Swings,” Healing Brokenness, His Proposal Story & More

Vedo talks to Jen DeLeon about his sixth studio, #1 album, “Mood Swings,” healing brokenness, upcoming Album & more!

0:39 How Vedo celebrates his wins

1:59 Big and small wins

3:01 Healing brokenness

4:15 Prayer

6:10 Qualities of Vedo that are hard to love

7:28 Advice on being patient

9:00 Vedo’s daughter and play-doh

10:42 Signs of somebody wasting your time

11:32 Perfect date night with his fiancée

13:25 Proposal story

16:12 Knowing when you’re ready for marriage

17:28 Growing as a person and an artist in the past year

19:06 D.A.F.

20:23 PS5 is a man staple

21:08 N64 games

22:38 What to expect on the next album

24:40 Tote & Carry


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