Stonebwoy Interview: Qualities He Looks For in a Woman, African Culture, Upcoming Album & More

Jen DeLeon sits own with dancehall Ghanaian artist, Stonebwoy, to talk ahead of his upcoming album. They chatted about everything between his culture, women, and music. Stonebwoy was definitely a great energy to have around and fun to chat with. Check out the whole interview or jump to specific topics timestamped below.

0:25 Origin of Stonebwoy name

1:25 How he would describe his music

2:49 Dream collaborations

3:35 Artists to look out for from different countries

4:43 What qualities of a woman he looks for to be his number one candidate

7:26 Red flags when it comes to a woman

8:27 Control not in a bad way

12:46 African culture

14:00 Multiple women

16:43 U.S. tour and favorite cities to perform in

17:55 Tour essentials

18:40 Upcoming album

19:24 Livingstone Foundation

22:00 Performing at World Cup fan festival in Qatar


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