Artist Interview – NERIAH

Madison Mahady

NERIAH is an up-and-coming pop artist who is celebrating the release of her newest single, Unfinished Business. With the excitement surrounding this release, Traklife got to speak with NERIAH about her new single, what inspired her to be a musician, her new vlog series, and much more!

How did you choose the name NERIAH?

You might have to ask my parents for that one! Neriah is actually my real name!

When was the moment you realized you wanted to pursue a career in music?

I have known for as long as I can remember. I wrote my first song when I was five and fell in love with the process. Wizard of Oz and Colbie Caillat definitely had something to do with it.

What is a song you've written that is closest to your heart?

“Unfinished Business” is one of the most brutally honest and vulnerable songs I have ever written. I cannot believe it’s almost out in the world. I remember leaving the session the day I wrote it and just thinking how lucky I am to call this a job.

Your debut EP, "This Is How The World Made Me", was released back in June. What was the most rewarding part of creating and releasing the EP?

Gosh! This project is so special to me. This EP is how I found my sound and exactly who I wanted to be as an artist. The best part of the release was spending time with my team. There would be no celebration without them. I have the most amazing people around me and we all really are a family.

Your most recent single, "Breakup Sex", details the struggles of a tumultuous relationship. What do you hope fans can take away after listening to the song?

It’s not easy to stop talking to an ex. We all go through it. Moving on can be so hard sometimes and that’s totally normal and okay.

The question of 'what if' is at the center of your newest single, "Unfinished Business". The lyrics capture the wistful feelings that come with a premature heartbreak. How did you channel such complex emotions into the lyrics of Unfinished Business?

I got my heart absolutely broken. The vulnerability of the lyrics all came from real and honest experiences. Sometimes you don’t get the closure you need once you’ve been with someone for so long. The transition back to strangers can cause a lot of curiosity in exploring the ‘what ifs.’

If you had to rank your songs, what would be in your top spot?

That’s such a hard question. Of the songs out I think my favorite would have to be “this is how the world made me.” That’s why I named my EP after it. It has always been a really honest song and it touches on a lot of things I felt. It really helps remind me that it’s okay that I’m not perfect.

You've started a new series of vlogs on your Instagram. What are you most excited about with these videos?

I am excited for people to get to know me and who I actually am. It’s so amazing being able to express myself through my music, but I really want my listeners to really feel like they know who the person is behind the lyrics.

What is something you wish that fans knew about you?

I work really hard and the passion all comes from hoping my music can help people the way music helped me through all my difficult experiences.

Last but not least, what are your goals for the rest of 2022?

I am really excited to release another project! Have a feeling October will be a great one 😉