Will Linley Drops Debut EP ‘kill all my feelings’

Madison Mahady

After months of teasing songs and dropping singles, South African artist Will Linley has released his debut EP, kill all my feelings. With upbeat tempos and a fun summer sound, Linley has hit the ground running.

Good relationships, bad relationships, kill all my feelings chronicles many different types of love. Having previously released three of the songs as singles, fans knew what to expect from Linley going into the EP. He delivered on telling complicated relationship stories, each in a unique and captivating way.

In November 2021 the first single off the EP, miss me (when you’re gone), was released. Linley teased the song on TikTok in the weeks leading up to the release, garnering excitement on the platform. The excitement carried over to Spotify where the song currently has over nine million streams.

Although the topics discussed in the EP are rather narrow, the songs don’t feel repetitive. wrong time and i don’t wanna be yours emphasize the guitar lines, while kill all my feelings allows for percussive elements to shine. all the girls tells the story of finding ‘the one’ and while miss me (when you’re gone) tells a similar story, it’s about being blindsided by a love far deeper than expected. 

This EP is a strong start for Will Linley. His charisma and vocal talents shine bright, giving listeners a handful of songs for their end of summer playlists. Check out Linley’s music video for kill all my feelings below!