The Scarlet Opera performs last show of tour at the Echoplex

A band that takes the audience back in time to the theatrics and vocals of classic rock artists like Queen and David Bowie while playing music that blends various genres reflecting each band member’s musical taste are all defining factors of The Scarlet Opera.

The Scarlet Opera played the final show of their tour on April 12 at the Echoplex in Los Angeles, California. The LA band comprises five members: lead singer and frontman Luka Bazulka, keyboardist Colin Kenrick, bassist Daniel Zuker, drummer Justin Siegal and guitarist Chance Taylor.

Three of Bazulka’s friends, Alyssa Nicole, Samantha Lepre and Kent Boyd served as The Scarlet Opera’s opening act for the LA show. In their unexpected yet widely welcomed opening, they danced on stage to popular songs such as “Stacy’s Mom” and “I Love Rock ‘n Roll.” Their seductive and exciting dancing hyped up the crowd in preparation for the headliners.

The band played all of their released songs, all of which are featured on their debut EP, Comedy, which was released on March 24. Following the album tracklist as a rough outline for the setlist, the show started with “Riot,” which was met by instant shrieks, applause, and people screaming “I love you!” to the band. Bazulka’s undeniable stage presence was beautifully complemented by the rest of the band’s power as they played what felt like a symphony for the crowd.


During the show, they also played a few covers, including “The Best” by Tina Turner (which was chosen by an audience member) and a vulnerable performance of “Believe” by Cher.

Before the encore, the band made their false finish with “Big City Thing,” the second song they released. Then leaving the audience in suspense for a few moments, they came back to end their set and tour with “Alive,” the last song on their debut EP.

They returned just as they entered: with undeniable stage presence, poofy scarfs and sleeves, and a dedication to their audience and themselves to make this last show a memorable spectacle.   




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Kate Kotlyar is currently a student at CSU Northridge studying Journalism in Public Relations. Kate is passionate about music and is able to express her passion through concert photography and music journalism. She listens to almost every musical genre, however, her favorites tend to lie in rock.

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