New WFH (Work From Home) Playlist

Hazzle Edosada

If you’re anything like me, listening to the perfect “Work From Home” playlist is super crucial to help me get through a full day of tackling my to-do list. Lord knows I cannot do work in front of the TV. So, I thought it would be cool to share some tracks that get me hyper-focused and even grooving at the same time. I tend to gravitate towards instrumentals, lo-fi beats, and such to get me in the zone. Productivity never looked so promising with a playlist such as this. (;

I’ve included some tracks by dj poolboi and Smoke Trees. I actually JUST stumbled across DJ Poolboi’s album, “it’s good to hear your voice.”Dj poolboi is the alias for Adam Ansley. The Austin, Texas native released lo-fi house music under the name Adam Ansley and quickly gained fans. This use of electronic music was his form of expression eluding to “emotional melodic house and instrumental songs mixing elation and nostalgia with melancholy.” It’s beautiful to see that music can aide as a form of healing. Although, this is titled, “WFH Playlist,” I’d like to point out that listening to abstract instrumentals also eases my soul very much.

Photo c/o dj poolboi via Instagram

Producer Smoke Trees is from Stuttgart, Germany. He’s best known for his smooth and relaxed beats that breathe a laidback vibe with inspiration from jazz, funk, trippy, or classic. He’s also the founder of Record Label Estugarda and the Curator of the Spotify-Playlist “Selected Beats [Lofi + Hip Hop], which is another playlist I DO frequent when I need some focus vibes.

Photo c/o Smoke Trees via Spotify

Stay tuned! I’ll keep adding more to it and keep ya updated with my finds. Whatever your vibe is that gets you going on the productivity train, I’m curious to know, what tracks help you get in the working groove? Hit us up at @Traklife.Media or @HazzleJoy on Instagram.

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