Traklife Weekly Rotation (Spotify Playlist)


Working in the music scene, we discover music everyday.  We come across some good music and some bad.  Some that are really outside the box and some that take time to grow on you.  Either way, we live in a time where the consumption of music is a lot different from what it was 10-15 years ago when we were transitioning from portable CD players to mp3 players.  Both of which has limited capacity in music storage therefore forcing us to listen to tracks more than once.  Today on the other hand, we hold the full music catalog of the world in our pockets through music apps like Spotify on our mobile phones.  Therefore we have access to enough music to listen to each track once or twice before moving onto something new without ever running out of content.


With that said, we’re going to curate a brand new playlist catered to the way we consume music today.  Unlike your typical Top 40 radio playlist, we will select 10-20 tracks each week from emerging artists.  Some of which may be old but also may be newly released.  Either way, you’ll be put onto something new as we refresh the entire playlist with new tracks each week.  Follow the Traklife Weekly Rotation Spotify Playlist and expand your library and musical palette.