Bandcamp makes $4.3 million in music and merch for independent artists in 1 day


Bandcamp, a music streaming and e-commerce platform, accomplished a big win for the independent music community during our state of the coronavirus epidemic. Due to the outbreak and worldwide quarantine, artist tours and shows have been cancelled collectively depriving them of millions in earnings. This is especially impactful to independent artists looking to their music as a main source of income. Due to this, Bandcamp is highly encouraging artists to promote their merch and music on their platform and fans to support them buy purchasing and sharing. Last Friday, on 3/20, Bandcamp waived their revenue share to have those funds go directly to the artists. This led to 800,000 product sales (compared to their 47,000 on an average Friday) which equated to $4.3 million worth of music and merch. Thanks to the artists, fans, media outlets, and Bandcamp the music community remains to be strong by coming together in these trying times.