Surveen - Do What I Want [Live Session]

R&B/Pop artist, Surveen, performs her original feel-good track "Do What I Want" on the Live Sessions Stage. 

Eclipse Darkness - TGMFU [Live Session]

This track “TGMFU” by @theofficialeclipse went viral and we’ve been blessed to have him come by the studio for us to watch him perform it live as a Traklife Live Session.

Dare House - Human Nature (Live)

Rising artist and musician, Dare House, jams out to an original hit, "Human Nature." (Watch til' the end for a freestyle jam sesh!)

YESLA - Back To Black [Live Session]

We've been blessed and fortunate to witness the talent of rising artist YESLA in this Live Session of an unreleased track "Back To Black".

Yel - Revenue [Live Session]

From R&B, Pop, to Hip-Hop, check out these must see live studio
performances from some of today's rising artists.

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