Surf Curse Returns with New Album Magic Hour

Anyssa Bilka

Surf Curse has emerged from the smoke with the release of their highly anticipated fourth studio album Magic Hour. Preceded by singles “Arrow,” “Sugar,” and “Lost Honor,” fans knew they were in for something truly magical. Something new, something different, it’s an album unlike any other from the band. It has marked a new era for Surf Curse and in true rock and roll fashion, the duo has transformed into a quartet. Founding members Nick Rittigan and Jacob Rubeck have welcomed bassist Henry Dillon and guitarist Noah Kohll to their lineup, changing the course of the band’s sound.

Based on the singles, I was scared I wouldn’t love the new album. As a fan since the Sad Boys era, I was looking for the familiar grungy, fuzzy, fast-paced garage punk. It was such a departure from the sounds I fell in love with. The day the album was released I nervously grabbed my headphones, secluded myself and listened to all 12 tracks in one go. I had no idea what my response would be but I went into it with no expectations and tried not to compare it to the past.

At the risk of sounding painfully cringy, Magic Hour is truly that; magic. The 12 track album completely reinvents the band for the listener and shows just how talented the group is. It’s experimental; a nod to rock and roll with a kiss of the punk, grunge sound we all know and love from Surf Curse. Songs like “Arrow” and “Self Portrait” feature repetitive, dirty guitar riffs remnant of classic early rock and perhaps a nod to the legends that came before. Elements of other genres like ska and jazz pepper the album, giving it a diverse twist that marries the sound together. The expansion of the new band members in no way hindered the band’s signature sound, but added new perspective proving  they make a fantastic mix. 

My top tracks from Magic Hour include “Lost Honor,” ”Self Portrait,” and “Fear City.” To me, all three have the sound that is so unmistakably Surf Curse. Unique, quirky guitar and a fast pace that shakes your core; familiar. The songs all lyrically speak to our inner demons and angst but also give us words that make us feel strangely liberated. “Fear City” in particular brings the beautiful chaos that comes from four creative minds creating art and mashes it each together into a messy masterpiece. The best way to describe the new album is different. It’s a journey of evolution from the old to the new but doesn’t compromise the essence of Surf Curse. Fans are able to experience the new sound in person as the band announced a tour shortly before the release of Magic Hour.  The tour began in Europe and will come back to the states starting October 30.  Tickets can be found in the link below and Magic Hour is now streaming so check it out!






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