Wavves Confirms 12th Anniversary Tour for King of the Beach

Anyssa Bilka


 After 2 years of postponing due to the pandemic, surf rock band Wavves has finally announced and confirmed a 12 year anniversary celebration tour for their wildly popular and debatably best album, King of the Beach. As a huge fan of Wavves and as someone who hasn’t gone to a show since the pandemic began, I am super excited to re-enter the world of concerts starting with this tour. Many have eagerly awaited the tour since it was announced back in 2020 but were forced to wait due to the chaos and uncertainty caused by the virus. Wavves did, however, give the fans another tour in fall of 2021 to promote their latest album Hideaway, which gave hope for a tour to follow soon after.


Wavves’ third studio album King of the Beach, first debuted back in 2010 and featured hit songs “Post Acid,” “Green Eyes,” and of course, “King of the Beach” which solidified their place as one of the top surf rock bands of California. The album art portrayed Snacks, beloved mascot for fellow rock band Best Coast and singer Bethany Cosentino’s cat who passed away earlier this year. A departure from their first two albums which were heavily garage fuzz, King of the Beach catered to a much larger audience, giving more crisp vocals and a greater musical range. The album has both fast-paced, classic rock songs and a few soft ballads that give a perfect balance. It captures the essence of what it truly means to be a crazy California kid and grow up on the beach. The album is an absolute favorite of mine and has been one of my go-to listens every summer and still holds up, remaining an amazing album loved by newer generations. Although the album is fantastic from start to finish, my favorite tracks include “Super Soaker,” “Idiot,” and “Post Acid.” 


Since 2010, Wavves has continued to grow even more prolific and has evolved in both style and music. Front man Nathan Williams strengthened his record label, Ghost Ramp, which features a wide roster of diverse artists and also has a large emphasis on video game soundtracks such as Hollow Knight and Nuclear Throne. I was fortunate enough to land an internship with the label and help do a bit of graphic design which was an amazing experience and one I will always be thankful for. The label opened a store front in 2015 in downtown Los Angeles which sold band merch and put on small music events but unfortunately closed in 2020. Wavves has released four albums with the most recent being Hideaway which debuted July of 2021. As an avid fan, I have seen the band live three times in different states and venues and each time was amazing. If you’re lucky and find yourself at a multi-level venue, you may even see front man Nathan Williams crowd dive from the second floor. 


If you’re looking for some summer fun, I highly recommend you check out Wavves on their anniversary tour. In addition to a North American tour, the band has also announced an Australian tour for the fall which consists of six shows. For the American fans, the tour begins July 21st in Ventura California and ends August 27th in Los Angeles. Opening acts for Wavves this run will alternate between bands BOYO and Smut. Tickets for all shows are now on sale so snag them while you can below!



Tickets: http://www.ghostramp.com/

Music: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6bUJpbekaIlq2fT5FMV2mQ?si=67IJpIaZTPWTIwxx0bMCgA